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At HEKATE Film Works we are a Film Industry Community of Film Industry Professionals,
backers, investors and fans. Based in Reading in the UK we have members, collaborators
and supporters worldwide.
We offer our excellent acting classes, online courses and one 
to one coaching to professional actors, beginners and anyone with a passion for acting.
Our services are available to anyone based in the UK and across the globe.

At HEKATE Film Works we also specialise in helping filmmakers and producers to build connections with prospect funders and offer a variety of support services. If you are a filmmaker interested to expand your connections or an actor looking to develop your
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Do you have a part in a film, theatre play or other projects? Let us get you in top form with our laser-focused character-driven acting classes online. We offer you a hi...
Intensive Character Development Acting
1 hr
Monologues and Method Acting for  Male Actors
Monologues and Method Acting for Female Actors

Acting Career Coach Online Courses

Monologue Mastery and Method Acting Pro

Advanced Acting Training and Acting Career Coaching At HEKATE Film Works we offer advanced acting classes and acting career coaching
online for professional actors and risings stars. Perfect your technique and master the
craft of method acting. Learn to deliver memorable performances and standout from the
rest in the industry.


Discover and design your unique roadmap to an acting career with
our professional acting coaches in the UK. Our Method Acting online course offers
intensive training and focused character building. We will assist you in producing a short
film to help you grow your acting career and portfolio.
Contact us today to find our more.

Be Character Ready in 7 Minutes or less. Walk into your Scene already

In-the-Moment. The Ultimate Actors Warm-up e-book for some great tips on preparing for your acting performance
from a coach with years of experience.

The Ultimate Actor's Warm-up
The Actor's Inspiration Journal

The Only Mindset Mastery Tool Every Actor Needs

  • 100 Journal entry pages 

  • 50 - 3 minutes Acting warm-ups to keep you alert and sharp.

  • 100 Mantras to develop an A Game mindset.

  • 100 Acting lessons and Acting Success Tips and Advice

  • 100 Acting and Art quotes by the greatest 

Our Mission 


Our mission to offer the Actor continued support throughout their career

The main problems stopping the Actors leaping from lack of progress in their acting career to growing a lucrative career that leads them to great fulfilment 


  • A lack of structure 

  • A lack of direction 

  • A lack of continued support after drama school

  • A lack of Advanced high-quality training and Coaching for Professional Actors 

  • A lack of guidance when it comes to finding work in a sustainable and consistent basis 

  • A lack of community


Our solutions are 

  • Continued lifelong support for actors in the areas of Advanced Acting Training, so we created the Method Acting Tutoring programs. 


  • Bespoke personalised guidance and direction with step by step action road mapping to help actors get precisely the work they want.


  • All-encompassing training designed to provide Actors with the tools to develop their skills consistently and with the correct guidance to get work.


  • Packages that arm you with the power to go from finishing a course to going and getting the work you want with our Stand Alone Acting Career Coach High-Quality Online Courses tailoring your success.


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We touch upon all areas of Method Acting as taught by Stanislavsky. We look at your favourite characters and how to make them your own via Method Acting. We work on your ...
Method Acting Online Session
1 hr 30 min
Enrol in 'The Short' Intensive Method Acting Course within the short film production. Master Method Acting with this Intensive Course while acting in a commercially drive...
The Short 21 Day Intensive Method Acting
1 hr

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You have an audition coming up, we are here to ensure that your performance is at its best. We offer you a convenient service for Actors preparing for important auditio...
Audition Coaching
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Learn about my 7 Step Process for Acting Career Success. I want to tell you is about your path to a fulfilling acting career. What I discovered through my trials, what...
Acting Career Success Roadmap
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