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Are you feeling stuck or in need of proper direction to advance in your path to success in acting? Would you like me to directly help you take control of your career and get the working life you dream of having? If the answer is yes, book a call here

You dream about being involved in projects that you are passionate form while advancing in your career towards the A-List Level. Right? 

The leap from being  “Small Speaking Role Regular” to getting regular Supporting or Lead roles in lucrative projects that you are passionate about is more prominent than many cares to admit.


Yet Mind Mastery is the key element to making the shift. Together with the right direction, guidance and support. When we don’t actively work at leaving our comfort zone, you will remain stuck. I help my clients break the C-Zone cycle and head on towards the acting career achievement they want. Book a call to learn more.

In this Industry

No one  tells you how to Succeed

That is why I became Insanely Obsessed with helping Actors achieve their career goals

Many of my Working Actors Clients 

Came to me  when they stuck In the comfortable stereotypical “Small Speaking Role Zone.” The fact that they were getting very well paid work regularly wasGreat!
But this was not what they dreamt when they first started on their journey. I helped my clients take charge of their career and learn focus and direct their steps towards crafting the career path they wanted.

I have 3 Groups of Acting Career Coaching Clients

  1. Most of my Current Acting Coaching Clients Come to me because they have significant roles, in a series or a film and they need to give their best performances possible. I give them in-depth character development coaching and all the support they need.

  2. Group two want to hon their craft; they are determined to master the Method the are my Method Acting Students. I help them with achieving higher and higher levels of mastery. 

  3. My group three are established Actors who want to leap from being a regular small speaking part in a series to getting a significant role in a film or series. Those are Career Coaching Clients. 


Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a successful actor doing the work I wanted picking and choosing my roles as I pleased. Deep down what I really wanted was the freedom to work on my own projects and create as much as I liked.


All my life I believed strongly that I could make it by simply doing what I was told to do and what everyone was doing. After completing my BA in Acting at University I was fearless, determined and full of faith. I didn’t apply to 100 auditions in a year I would apply to 1000s.

As time went by I had this gut-level feeling that I was doing it wrong.

I was doing exactly what most of you are doing right now: Submit Submit Submit. Wait by the phone. Hope for the best. Keeping up to date with all the must do’s: headshots, Equity, showreel, agent.  While getting rejected. Discouraged and depressed. Afraid of opening my emails and moving houses so I wouldn’t get any more rejection letters.

As time went by I had this gut-level feeling that I was doing it wrong. That it wasn’t going to work. In fact, the more work and effort I put into in this crazy submit-submit-submit manner,  the further and further and further away I felt from accomplishing my dreams.

This left me feeling unworthy of success. I started shying away from my inner light.  Far from the worldwide admiration, I desired I was seriously doubting my ability to succeed.

So, being a writer with several stories under my belt and a beautiful feature-length screenplay, twenty years ago I decided to approach my acting career differently, from a Producer/Director point of view. I was going to do my own work and star in it. Simple!

In the meantime, while putting my plan to work, I managed to get great acting roles. Since my approach was very different, now was only going after my heart's desire, and I was always successful in getting the roles I went for.

My new found plan of becoming a Producer so I could star on my own films took me on a long, yet exciting learning and self-discovery avenue culminating in an...

MA in Filmmaking, eight short films, several more stories, a "Best Produced" Film Award in 2013 at the San Diego International Kids film festival, being on the official selection is some of the greatest film festivals in the world

Most importantly,  I’m currently working on my first Feature Film #MontanaMischief. I have an amazing part in it but I’m even more excited with the parts I have created for other Actors like my lovely #JannelleMontana 

Where are you in your Acting Career? 

You might still be at the stage in which you go to all the auditions you can get, aimlessly and hoping for the best. You need to stop. You need to learn to direct your efforts towards the specific vision you have for your career. If not, you will face endless unnecessary rejection that will lead to disappointment and frustration. You don’t need that. 


I will help you Go From Randomly Auditioning for anything you can to auditioning individually for the work you want, suits you best, and it’s aligned with your vision which will get bookings Consistently. 

If You are an Actor excited about your Acting Career Journey, you have been at it for a while in heart and soul, you have been “lucky” getting some well-paid work, but you lack specific vision, direction, strategy and clarity on what to do next, on how to thrive, how to get the contacts you need to advance and you feel stuck in the monotonous, uncertain, search, submit, wait, audition, wait, repeat, 

I will help you with specific guidance and show the exact direction you need to go to and steps to take hold of and command of the course of your career. Book a call today.

The Main Problems for Actors Trying to Make it 

  • Lack of Direction in the 

  • Not Knowing how to Make the Connections they need 

  • Feeling Stuck 

  • Lacking the confidence to advance 

How Do We Support Actors?

  • I help you create your specific and unique roadmap. 

  • I help you learn how to be in the right place at the right time to get the connections you need 

  • I help you moved forward and upwards. 

  • I help you gain unstoppable confidence. 


Book a call to find out more 

How do you get the Success you want in your Acting Career?

I have told you all about how I found my path to a fulfilling ever-growing to higher levels career. But what I want to tell you is about your path to a fulfilling acting career. 


What I discovered through my trials, what made me have this insane obsession to help other actors is that by sitting at the other side of the audition, I learnt that every single one of you has a unique path to acting career success.


Note the word UNIQUE is key.

In this industry, no-one tells you how to succeed!


 I can tell you right now that 


You need 3 things 

#1 unwavering belief 

#2 to know exactly what you want (as in laser-focused exactly) 

#3 learn to leverage your uniqueness. Specifically, your unique desires and mission.  

With my Coaching Process, I can help you 

"Learn to leverage your uniqueness to achieve the working actor life of your dreams We take you there with 7 steps"

Step 0-   Believe - this is a Must.

You must believe that you are worthy of anything you desire. 


Step 1 -Get Clarity -

Your mission in life as an Actor and your Why.


Step 2 -Get Focused-

Your laser-focused Specific Goals. 

Design your roadmap to fulfilment


Step 3 - Get Savvy-

You are going to become savvy following the steps necessary for your success.

Step 4 - Be active -

Once you know your goals and you have established the steps you need to take You to learn to take a different approach in everything you do. Your approach is unique. We tailor your path to accommodate your precise vision.


Step 5 - Consciously Grow your Network -

You learn to grow your Film and Entertainment Industry network purposefully in a way that serves you.


Step 6 -Be, Learn to be at and learn to Create

 “Right Place and the Right time” On Demand. 

Is Acting Career Success for you?

This program is for Professional Actors who have a deep desire to advance in their career and who believe without a shadow of a doubt that you can fulfil your dreams. Answer these questions before you book your call to let us know if you are an ideal candidate for the programme.

Book a Free Discovery Call

Book your FREE Discovery Call

We will add extra light to what leveraging your uniqueness means for you. 

We will provide you with a lot of value and insight on the unique steps you can follow to reach your goals. The call will also help you decide if you want to go all in and have us help you get there setp by step. 

Learn about my 7 Step Process for Acting Career Success. I want to tell you is about your path to a fulfilling acting career. What I discovered through my trials, what...
Acting Career Success Roadmap
1 hr
Free Discovery Call

The Call 

We will add extra light to what leveraging your uniqueness means for you. 


The Program 

The program is 15- 120 days one on one coaching sessions in which we take you by the hand to help you design your unique roadmap to Acting Career Success 


Within 7 Steps to Acting Career Success you get These Bonuses.


# 1

365 Actionable Challenges to keep you sharp and on track  value $365

# 2

The Mind Mastery Masterclass Series value $700

# 3

HEKATE Film Works Student Membership value $70 p/m




Rachel Williams 

Drama Teacher and Mum of aspiring Actor and Singer.


Hi there.

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to recommend these amazing coaching to you. I recommend them to you as both a Drama teacher and as a Mum of an aspiring young actor.

First of all, these courses are powered by an amazing lady. Sylvia really cares about her message, projects and her students. I have been so impressed by the support and positivity she has shared with both my son and myself.

I first came across the Monologue Mastery courses when my son applied for one of the films Sylvia was producing. Her input has really inspired him. He followed all her guidance and created a selection of monologues so he could show a variety of aspects of his acting ability to create different characters. He has embraced her warm-up techniques and is much more confident in the whole audition process. We have many conversations based on the things that Sylvia writes and I genuinely feel that this information has helped him fine-tune his film and Theatre goals.

As a Mum I would also like to highlight that the courses inspire life skills that work across all aspects of life, ‘be prepared, likeable and easy to work with’ is true in the classroom, sports field and work place.

I am also a Drama Teacher for children. I see the power of Drama and Theatre to build young people’s confidence and resilience. I have imparted many of the courses amazing ideas to my students. I love some of the exercises that Sylvia suggests. My students loved the session we did on talking gibberish to each other. Often I find in improvisation, it is hard to concentrate on showing an emotion when you are trying to think of the right words to say. The students were able to really show emotion in their actions and faces as they did not have to focus on appropriate words. They also loved our session on laughing which was another idea I implemented from Sylvia. When the students had explored the power of laughter we then talked about the feelings and emotions evoked. They stunned me with some of their responses.

I feel that the knowledge, warmth and experience of Sylvia is evident in all aspects of her work, The positive impact of following her training and brilliantly articulated ideas can empower each and every one of us.




Hi there. My name is Isaac and I am a young actor and singer. I have been working with Sylvia for the last 6 months. I applied to be part of her latest film and through that I was lucky enough to become part of her Monologue Mastery Acting Course.

The first thing I would like to say is how much I really believe Sylvia cares about her students. Every email we wrote and questions we had were answered straight away. She has really supported me towards my goals and her wise words have helped clarify what my goals are.

As a young actor, I am always excited to go to auditions. Being part of the Monologue Mastery Acting Course has improved my preparation 100%. Sylvia encouraged me to build up a selection of monologues rather than just having one that I used over and over again. This has improved how I feel when I get to an audition. I know that not only have I prepared the requested piece but I can show them my acting skills by quickly switching to another character. I have also used this approach with my singing preparation.




The course is going great!

I’m really enjoying studying The monologue and I was fascinated by your journey in this industry.

What I found very interesting was learning about the archetypes and how every character and person fit into mainly one of them. This has really helped me connect with characters from my own monologues and I will definitely use this in the future.

I really appreciate the Actors Inspirational Journal. I loved the layout of all the pages with the inspirational quotes and pictures, my favourite being: “Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.” By Bete Davis. I look forward to experimenting with this journal. Many Thanks.



Justin Enyan

What I found very beneficial about the coaching course was learning your character before lines. Also, the acting method was you should be as your character for a day and really imagine how the character will speak walk, e.t.c. As I'm auditioning for Alex I pretended to be a bad boy with no regrets. I really appreciate you taking the time to create this course as I have learnt new things that will help through my acting career. Thank you.







Kathryn Raphael

Sylvia Love Johnson is a force of nature with her passion and her ability to breakdown acting techniques. I have appreciated her commitment and her ability to inspire, challenge and support young talent. My daughter has greatly benefited from the coaching sessions and precious advice. Thanks so much.













Margaret Leitch


I would recommend Sylvia very very highly as an acting career coach. Her coaching and mentoring of my son Ross,13, has been top drawer. Sylvia is so clever and talented and has an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Her gentle, positive and bubbly personality is just perfect to draw a young, occasionally-awkward person like Ross out of himself and help him believe anything is possible. 

Sylvia nurtures the relationship with Ross and with myself in order that we can be the best supportive unit that we can be and we both love her to bits.

Amit Kumar

In the world of Lights, Sound, Camera, Action, Cut - Indeed Acting Career Coach insights and inputs help in keeping grounded and close to reality both in real life and reel life. Thus, actors live life as acting and act as living life. Thanks much.