Welcome to HEKATE film Works


We are a Film Industry Community of Film Industry Professionals, backers, investors and fans.

We are based in Reading, England, we have members, collaborators and supporters across the globe.


HEKATE Film Works is a Film Production company and a film lovers community. Currently casting the feature film Montana Mischief and in pre-production with the short film METHOD.


We have produced award-winning short films and we have had our work featuring in some of the most important Film Festivals around the world including Palms Spring, Clermont-Ferrand, San Diego International Kids Film Festival and Depth of Field International Film Festival. Nairobi International Film Festival


The Network is HEKATE Film Works' online community of film lovers and fans, Film Industry professionals and Investors. We connect our iNsiders with backers, clients, investors and large audiences. We have iNsider Events and Exclusive Events. 

We fervently work at connecting all with each other to benefit and the success of all. To learn more about The Network please read this blog post.


Our Mission...


  1. We are about telling powerful stories that move hearts and change worlds. Sending a beautiful and thought-provoking message to humanity through the power of moving images. We are about art beauty creation love and spirit also the thrill, adventure, power and strong storylines catering only the best and newest in the Film Industry.

  2. We are about connecting. Through our Network of film devoted people, we connect Film Industry professionals with film lovers, clients, supporters, backers and investors. The Network is Free. Join us.

  3. We are about community. We are passionate about our ever-growing Film Industry community that continues to grow in the UK and across the world. 


We are at the forefront of powerful storytelling. Our community grows strong and excited about the power of moving images and the power of The Network. We have a diversity of projects in the works. We are leaders in Advance Acting training. We offer Indie Film Self Distribution Management. We host a variety of Industry Events.


                                                                          SJ, Founder, CEO

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We believe


We believe a dream can be expressed in with a single image. We have the tools to move hearts and to inspire generations. The time is now and the place is here 

We believe every artistic creation is the creation of a new reality which encourages people to change their perspective and look at the world differently.

We believe in the passion that drives every artist. Your vision is our vision.





The UK currently produces around 100 low and micro-budget feature films per year1 and around £18.5 million is spent on making them. Typically they are paid for by private investors, not the public sector, and are made by producers and directors who have not made a feature film before2. Most fail to secure conventional theatrical distribution.  UK Film Council


  • Total UK film production activity in 2015 was £1,410 million, down 6% from £1,497 million in 2014, but still, the second-highest total since records began.


  • There were 124 domestic UK features (224 in 2014), 30 co-productions (37 in 2014) and 47 inward investment features (49 in 2014).


  • The UK spend associated with inward investment features was £1,177 million, down 6% from £1,247 million in 2014.


  • Fifteen big budget films (£30 million or over) accounted for 73% of the total UK film production spend. The UK spend associated with domestic high-end television (HETV) programmes was £380 million, just over half (50.1%) of the total UK HETV production spend.


  • The UK spend on qualifying animation programmes was £29 million, while video games production generated the UK spend of £59.5 million.

‘Screen Sector Production’ w ww.bfi.org.uk


Many films produced in the UK go unnoticed and unaccounted for due to lack of distribution. We are developing a Self Distribution Management Service that will help with getting more films included in the BFI statistics.

HEKATE Film Works' Self-Distribution Management Service provides a distribution strategy based on the individual Producer’s goals and objectives their target audience and their distribution budget a fully customised self-distribution strategy for each individual Indie project. 



Advanced Acting Training

We are committed to providing high quality advanced Acting Training and support for Acting Students and professional Actors that is accessible to develop your skills as well as refining and deepening your knowledge of your craft.

The Acting Career Coach Programme shows you how to develop a positive mental attitude towards your acting careers and to focus on the mapping out of your route to success.

From healthily dealing with and viewing rejection to harnessing the power of strong self -belief and determination that can only lead to success beyond your wildest dreams, The Acting Career Coach Programme is here to help you see your dreams fulfilled and provide with the tools need on your path.

Our Mission 


The main problems stopping the Actors leaping from lack of progress in their acting career to growing a lucrative career that leads them to great fulfilment 


  • A lack of structure 

  • A lack of direction 

  • A lack of continued support after drama school

  • A lack of Advanced high-quality training and Coaching for Professional Actors 

  • A lack of guidance when it comes to finding work in a sustainable and consistent basis 

  • A lack of community


Our solutions are 

  • Continued lifelong support for actors in the areas of Advanced Acting Training, so we created the Method Acting Tutoring programs. 

  • Bespoke personalised guidance and direction with step by step action road mapping to help actors get precisely the work they want/

  • All-encompassing training designed to provide Actors with the tools to develop your skills consistently and with the correct guidance to get work also included in 

  • Packages that arm you with the power to go from finishing a course to going and getting the work you want in a way that is convenient affordable and that allows the delivery of high-quality training. Like our Stand Alone Acting Career Coach Online Courses tailoring your success.


Film Projects in Development


METHOD Short Film (pre-Production)


METHOD analyses Love true love, fake love, falling in love, falling out of love, obsessive love, love between siblings, the first love of a boy.

We explore the bond between brothers, drama in difficult relationships, psychoanalysis and deception. 

In the race to prove the right to 'get the girl' two brothers employ the “Method” only to end up revealing each other’s darkest side.  In the depths of the story, we find the tragedy of lost love.


Montana Mischief Feature Film (Development)


 Janelle Montana is the Joan of Arch of the 21rst Century. Her story is set in a gang mobster environment in the neighbourhood of Lewisham, Southeast London.

The action-packed story of a young girl who has suffered a great loss and receives an extraordinary calling.  Montana Mischief focuses on how Janelle Montana deals with her loss; it will also reveal the bravery of her character and the loyalty of her teenage friends. Her decisiveness to take over her father’s business marks a new stage in her life and shows how she assumes responsibility, gains strength and builds her character. All these events clash with the celebration of her 15th birthday.









































  • HEKATE Film Works Short Animation Competition, Round 3


After the first 2 rounds, over 300 applications submitted to our ‘invitation only’ competition, discovering great talents, such as Katherine Jackson, Adam Webb and  Rishi Rai,  we are taking it to the next level. For round 3 all artists are welcome to submit, no invitation required, plus there will be a £150 cash prize award and an Internship at HEKATE Film Works for the winner.


  • HEKATE Film Works ‘Pop Art  & Comic Competition’


We are thrilled with the great work that we have already seen submitted for the first round of the competition. Submissions close on 15 December 2019. Our Pop Art and Comic Competition is a wonderful way to discover and showcase talent around the world which would otherwise remain unknown.


  • Events

Our events are the core of our community activities.



    Our Short Films 


Art’s Eyes’ 2012  Children's Short Film


Awarded “Best Produced Kids Film” At San Diego International Kids Film Festival.  This beautiful, fun, inspiring and super Artful 12 minutes Movie shows the awesome creativity of 8 and 7-year-olds Davide and Gabriel. They are the creators of all digital art, all the handprints, and the animation sequences. They also took all the still photos and 90% of the video.


‘She Moon Love Spell’ 2013 Experimental Short Film


“Suggestive and Beautiful” Per Bohlin

“A lovely moment of Zen to start the day” John G.

Featuring the ‘inspirational’ ‘magical song’ “True Love”, original music theme from the Short film “She Moon, Love Spell” 2013 by Sylvia Love Johnson. She Moon, Love Spell has inspired audiences around the world. A short based on the novel by S.L Johnson “Mystic Dream”, its main sequence depicts the moment when the 5 young protagonists of the story meet in the forests, after dusk to perform a ‘love spell’. The theme song reveals that the ‘love spell’ is cast upon humanity for the benefit of all people and of all creation.

“Very Divine and Kudos for creativity, but most daring was the combined thrust for love, power and an in-depth display of spells…” Janet Kelly


‘Ethical Fashion: Tammam’ 2013 Short Documentary


This short documentary film focuses on environmental awareness with fashion as its core topic. Fashion is a part of the culture of our society our identity. How does fashion respect our home, planet Earth?

Atelier Tammam is a small traditional couture atelier (fashion studio and showroom) based in the heart of Bloomsbury, central London. They specialize in handcrafted, handmade, high quality bridal and eveningwear.  Lucy Tammam tells us about their environmentally friendly practices such as planting a tree per each gown they produce, working in a fair trade basis and ensuring an ethical source chain while selecting only natural fabrics for her designs.


‘Forgotten Paradise’ 2015


Presently being shown at the Palms Spring Short Film Fest and in the Official Selection of Depth of Field International Film Festival and in the Kenya International Film Festival.

“In the search for the answer of some of the most important questions in life, two young boys 8 and 10 years old put into action their creative skills, they decide to make a film about fear and loneliness. Research, a spirit of adventure and pure childlike reasoning results in a surprising turn of events. This short film is a hearty, emotionally uplifting comedy, a cinematic piece with poetic elements of spiritual awakening






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Unlike all the other art forms, a film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky