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Coaching Session Prepping Exercises

Sit conformably in a place and time that you will not be disturbed. Now spend some time visualising your character's full day from beginning to end.

Prepare to work. Improvisation: Imagine your character is at a press conference. He/She will be addressing the press. Your character needs to cover three topics 1. Their greatest joy 2. Their greatest fear 3. Their main goal/mission. Deliver the topics and then open for imaginary questions that you will answer.

We touch upon all areas of Method Acting as taught by Stanislavsky. We look at your favourite characters and how to make them your own via Method Acting. We work on your ...
Method Acting Online Session
1 hr 30 min
You have an audition coming up, we are here to ensure that your performance is at its best. We offer you a convenient service for Actors preparing for important auditio...
Audition Coaching
1 hr