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You have 80% Less competition 

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The Actor's Inspiration Journal

I have been running casting calls for 13 years for various film projects.


One thing that does not cease to amaze me is that 80% of the candidates who apply for a significant role and get the auditions do not show up.

Fear, self-consciousness and lack of confidence are big in the industry. But it has an easy fix. The Key is 
Mind Mastery 


When you Achieve Mind Mastery 

✔️ You feel 100% confident with your craft Mastery


✔️ You can succeed at every audition and with every step towards a fulfilling career.


✔️ You get your dreams becoming a reality.

What if you were able to always and instantly feel  Confident and at Ease? No doubt. No fear. 


What if Creative, Inspired, Supported and Driven Was your Natural State of Being at all times?

What if you felt so Confident with your talent and skill that you forgot what lack of confidence felt like?

The Actor's Inspiration Journal
Create Success


I’m Sylvia Love Johnson, Acting Coach, Filmmaker, Producer, Writer Actor.

I have a passion for helping Actors Achieve their goals. 

For a long time, I dreamt of creating a tool for Actors that


✔️Provides Immediate Transformation

✔️ Is a Source Potent Inspiration

✔️Promotes Unwavering Confidence

and reassurance

✔️ Teaches Short Powerful and effective Acting warm-ups.

✔️Helps Gain Definitive Focus and Guidance.

Journaling can help you get 'there' fast.

Journaling has made a great difference in my Career.

I have always loved Journaling. It reinforces the power within.

In the form of easily consumable knowledge nuggets. Potent daily doses of Acting Career Success awesomeness.

"I used to doubt myself always, at least for the first few seconds into a scene. Now I spend a few minutes before acting getting focused and ready with The Actors' Inspiration Journal, I feel filled with energy totally confident, for me the resources in the journal help me to remind me how much I love acting, I feel inspired and creative. Never underestimate the power of a few minutes of focus before your scene"




"The 3 Minutes Warm-ups are potent!

I feel on top of the world before jumping on stage with just 3 minutes.

The combinations are perfect!"





"As Actors, we are exposed to a lot of rejection. We are in constant competition. Our livelihood is unstable. We are prone to suffer from mental health issues. If it wasn’t because we are passionate beings and love our craft we would be lost. Mindset Mastery tools specially created for actors are a must.





"I never thought that journaling could be so beneficial. I have been focusing on writing about my journey as an actor. I feel I have gained confidence and a much clear sense of Self and therefore direction"




"I loveeeee the warm-ups they are spot on! and the mantras, they uplift me as if they were magic. The mini acting lessons certainly open my appetite to want to learn in more depth about Stanislavsky’s teachings. I’m a BA in Acting and I feel I still have so much to learn"




"This is by far the best Actors' resource I have come across. I’m heading into my first feature film production and this will make a great gift for my cast"



 Your Mindset the Key to your Success

For Actors and Creatives

Take a faithful companion with you to every audition, rehearsal or performance.

Feel Supported and Inspired Instantly. 

Get your Editable Digital Journal to use on all your devices. 

Mental health problems are very common in the industry, with 63% of women and 48% of men surveyed struggling with anxiety and 59% of women and 61% of men suffer from stress, while 37% of women and 36% of men say they have had depression.

For Actors and Creatives

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Journaling is the best way to connect with your soul and get guidance from your inner self. Feel aligned with your destiny and ditch uncertainty and doubt. 

Diarists become more in tune with their health by connecting with inner needs and desires. Journaling evokes mindfulness and helps writers remain present while keeping perspective. It presents an opportunity for emotional catharsis and helps the brain regulate your emotions 

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Get closer to your higher self become confident feel supported be inspired

100 Journal entry pages 

50 - 3 minutes Acting warm-ups to keep you alert and sharp.

100 Mantras to develop an A Game mindset.

100 Acting lessons and Acting Success Tips and Advice

100 Acting and Art quotes by the greatest 

6 Volumes

The Inspiration Journal is a great tool for Actors, Artists, Teachers, Coaches, Therapists, Writers Film and Theatre Production Teams and anyone who would like have or would like to gift a loved one with a daily supercharged dose of inspiration, support and creativity.

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 This beautiful work of art is for you to fill it in with your thoughts, feelings, ideas and dreams and work in progress. 

✔️ The ONLY Journal for Actors and Creatives that helps you Eliminate Procrastination Stress and Lack of Focus before Auditions and Performances or other Creative moments. 


✔️ Providing you with the 5 elements you need to Maximise your Creativity and Crush your goals 

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Develop Mindset Mastery with over 100 Powerful Mantras that you can make your own.  Mantras are partly prayers and partly positive affirmations. The mission of a mantra is to become a part of you.

Take your audition preparation to the next level.

Be confident, sharp, alert, fear-free and ready before you walk into your audition with my focused, powerful and super effective 3 minutes actor’s warm-up right before you walk into the audition room.  

Ditch that nerve recking anxiety before an audition. 

Inspiring and Insightful

Acting quotes by the Great


 Refine your craft with 100 short and sweet nuggets of knowledge and bite-size lessons from Stanislavsky’s Methodology and insider knowledge tips and advice for success in your Acting Career. 

For Actors and Creatives

Over the years I have shopped for journals a lot, 

I love journaling, always looking for the perfect one... dreaming of...


The right amount of art and beautiful images. 

Powerful inspirational quotes. 

Tips and advice for my acting career journey.

Mantras to keep me focused and positive. 

Acting warm-ups and exercises I could do any time on the spot.


A wealth of information served in  small doses of daily knowledge nuggets to keep me on track for reaching my goals and why not

A bunch of mini acting lessons while we are at it?


You’ve got it!


In all honesty,

I never found anything that had all of this in it. 


Until I created it! 


I created this Inspiration Journal because as Actor's we need to remember that we have a greater source of creative power available at all times.


This certainty is fundamental when it comes to developing the strength of character, determination and the mindset mastery we need to achieve our goals.


Given that our line of work is mostly driven by passion we are more often than not at the mercy of our emotions. 


 The process of being in control and positively channelling our feelings and our thoughts for success is learnt with daily practice.

For Actors and Creatives

Your pocket life Coach 

Your source of inspiration 

Your unlimited support
Your prepping Warm-up

Your Voice Coach

Your Acting Coach 

On the Go! 


For Actors and Creatives

For Actors and Creatives

100 Journal  Entry Pages


Journaling is an amazing, powerful and effective stress management tool.


Improves Immune Function, expressive writing can strengthen your immunity


Keeps Memory Sharp, helps keep your brain in tip-top shape, boost memory and comprehension and increases working memory capacity.


Boosts Mood, and gives you a greater sense of all, helping you see the bigger picture journaling benefits your overall emotional health.

Take your pychotherapist -life coach, your source of inspiration your drama teacher, your acting and voice coach with you to every audition. 

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Success in Acting Tips, Advice and Strategies 


Learn everything I know about success in this career. Via consumable daily dose of straight to the point core knowledge. No more constant googling and feeling there is too much information and not knowing where to start. Get straight to the point. Focus on being successful,

My Mantra of Today for deep focused positivity and inspiration 


Feel supported and Inspired at any time instantly. Program your subconscious mind to manifest your desires. Take your well-being guide with you to your auditions, rehearsals and performances.

Acting Quotes 


Get to know the nitty-gritty basics, the depth of Acting. Getting the work done. Rising to the highest levels of mastery and reaching beyond your expectations.

Acting Lessons Express 


100 30 seconds acting lessons that can get you on top of your acting skills right now. When you are passionate about your craft, and your craft is acting, there is always time to learn more. My short, concise yet intensive acting lessons will put you on top of your acting world. Enhancing your talent and increasing your creativity.

3 Minutes Warm-ups 

Can you imagine feeling at full potential, character ready, voice tuned, body fit and mind focused, ready to act at a high level of Mastery in 3 minutes? 

This is what you get with my 3 minutes warm-ups you get 50 variations of my 3 minutes potent and highly effective warm-ups.  Is not so much about the time you spend but more about the focus, concentration and intensity you perform the warm-up.


Before discovering these secret combinations of warm-ups I always felt forced into the scene, not ready yet for a few (eternal) seconds needing to ( get into it). Missing out on the momentum there’s right there within the first second of the scene.

For Actors and Creatives

You only need one resource for daily inspiration and to get ready and focused for your audition. Get the Actor's Inspiration Journal Now!

6 Volumes for only 69 GBP

Reduced from 99 GBP

The Actor's Inspiration Journal

Sylvia Love Johnson

About the Author


Vivid Dreamer, Inspirational Writer,

7th art lover, 

Filmmaker, Writer, Award-winning film Producer, Award-winning Entrepreneur. 

Actor, Acting Coach, Method Acting Tutor. 

Sylvia is helping to create the next generation of A-Listers. 

 Get the 




Pages: 102

Binding: Hardcover (case wrap)

Interior: Ink Full colour

Weight: 1.11 kg 

Dimensions (centimetres): 32.39 wide x 27.31 tall 

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I created this journal to actively help as many actors as possible achieve their goals by providing specific guidance and practices that have helped many successful actors worldwide.


This is the same reason why I’m throwing in all these bonuses with your purchase. My mission is that you succeed in your acting career. 


7 Steps Roadmap to a Successful Acting Career.

Discover your Unique Path to Acting Fulfilment 

 Guidance programme.  

Master Class (September 2020)


Why did I create this programme? 


Because for years I struggle with the concept of 'making it" in the Industry. Feeling that those who made it big were lucky, special, more loved by God, more extraordinary than me. Better than me in any way imaginable. It wasn't until I was sitting at the other side of the camera, as the one calling the shots, that I realised that all those preconceived ideas are false. 

All you need to 'make it' as big as you want is 'correct guidance' determination and believe 

Knowledge is Power. 



A 60% discount voucher for a 1-2-1

Acting Career Coaching Session 

These are 1-2-1 sessions where I take you by the hand to walk you through the process and the specific steps you need to take to achieve your goals and fulfil your unique career path.

     BONUS #3

The Acting Career Mastery Challenge Programme 


A series of Actionable Challenges Delivered to your inbox fortnightly to bring you closer to Acting Career Success and fulfilment, dramatically increasing your confidence and teaching you that the sky is the limit when it comes to making your dreams come true 




Free MAM  (Method Acting Moments) Newsletter Subscription 

Monthly doses of the intensive, concise, powerful state of the art Method Acting exercises, methodology insights and practices. A Newsletter is exclusive to The Actor’s Inspiration Journal Diarists. 

To get these bonuses,  simply email us at

with your purchase order number!


Spanish-British Film Producer, Acting Coach, Entrepreneur and  British Film Industry Visionary

Sylvia Love Johnson is an Entrepreneur,  Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Producer, Method Acting Tutor and Acting Career Coach Founder at HEKATE Film Works. Her company focuses on providing tailored solutions for professional Actors seeking continued support, mentorship, career coaching and advanced training. Filmmakers and Producers seeking Distribution and Investment. Investors are interested in finding great private investment opportunities in the UK Film Industry.

Sylvia is Currently Casting her first Feature film 'Montana Mischief' and in Pre-production with METHOD Short Film.

Winner of the Best Produced Kid’s Short Film Award at San Diego International Kids Film Festival for “Art’s Eyes” 2013.  Her short film  "Forgotten Paradise" was selected in the Official Selection of Depth of Film International Film Festival in 2015, the official selection of the Nairobi International Film Festival in 2016 and featured in PalmsSprings Short Film Market in 2015.  "She Moon Experimental" was selected in the Official Selection of A Film for Peace International Film Festival 2014 and featured at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Market 2014. 

Sylvia received the Kingston University New Enterprise Award in 2011 for the self-publishing and self-distribution of her first novel "Mystic Dream". She won the Barcelona Activa New Enterprise award in 2008 for her Award-winning Drama School  "School of Theatre " in Spain. A School acclaimed by multiple professional theatre companies and casting directors resulting in the successful casting of some of her students for parts in the Hollywood Movie "Wrath of Titans" 2012

Sylvia is the author of the 100 Secrets Story Series. She has written the screenplays 'Tears of Mariposa Lily'  and 'Mystic Dream' feature films in development.

Sylvia has designed and developed breakthrough Method Acting and Career Coaching Programmes for Professional Actors. 

Sylvia Love Johnson