The Ultimate Actor's Warm-Up


Be Character Ready in 7 Minutes or less. Walk into your Scene already



You are about to start performing,

and you know you have the


Right Balance Vocally, Physically and Mentally


 You are about to enter

an audition and you are feeling 

Fit and Sharp

Ready to Give it all





Simple and Obvious  often Overlooked

Prepping Tool

Every Actor Needs


A PERFECT  WARM-UP  gives you


 SUCCESS in Acting  Here  you have a simple yet

thorough and complete, to the point



set of exercises to get you in

TOP FORM  to Perform


Get it now

Feel  Relaxed

Ready and On Point


In -The- Moment

and Immediately in Character


From the First Second 

into the Scene 


Sylvia Love Johnson

Film Producer, Acting Coach, Entrepreneur and  British Film Industry Visionary


Winner of the Best Produced Kid’s Short Film Award at San Diego International Kids Film Festival for “Art’s Eyes” 2013.  Her short film  "Forgotten Paradise" was selected in the Official Selection of Depth of Film International Film Festival in 2015, the official selection of the Nairobi International Film Festival in 2016 and featured in PalmsSprings Short Film Market in 2015.  "She Moon Experimental" was selected in the Official Selection of A Film for Peace International Film Festival 2014 and featured at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Market 2014.  


She won the Barcelona Activa New Enterprise award in 2008 for her Award-winning Drama School  "School of Theatre " in Spain. A School acclaimed by multiple professional theatre companies and casting directors. Sylvia is the author of the 100 Secrets Story Series. She has written the screenplays 'Tears of Mariposa Lily'  and 'Mystic Dream' feature films in development. Sylvia has designed and developed breakthrough Method Acting and Career Coaching Programmes for Professional Actors. 

About the Author


To help my students be immediately 'In the Moment" and in Character, I kept sharpening, refining and improving my warm-ups until I designed

The Perfect Acting Prepping Sequence. 


I Created a Key signature Warm-up which is now available for you in this beautiful ebook Free.

I want to help as many Actors as possible to

Master the Moment 


With The Ultimate Actor's Warm-Up you Gain:


  • Full body workout.

  • Voice Warm-ups.

  • Breathing Exercises.

  • Head Massage.

  • Deep relaxation.

  • Deep focus

  • Improv Exercises.

  • Attentiveness.

  • Achieving a state of neutral.

  • Becoming a blank canvas ready for inspiration and creation.

  • Faster and accurate processing of information. Improving memories formation.

  • Enhanced creativity.

  • Released Tension.

  • Energising your body

  • Stress management.

  • Method Acting Character prepping.

and much much more  ​