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I have always loved Journaling. 

The feeling that I have someone listening to me no matter what. Even if that someone is me.

Would you like to have 

A pocket-therapist 

A  source of inspiration 

 unlimited support 

An Acting and Voice Coach

A Prepping Warm-up

All On the Go and available at any time?

The Actor's Inspiration Journal

Take a faithful companion with you to every audition, rehearsal or performance.

Feel Supported and Inspired Instantly. 

Get your fillable Digital Journal to use on all your devices. 

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Only £9  

reduced from £29 

Journaling is the best way to connect with your soul and get guidance from your inner self. Feel aligned with your destiny and ditch uncertainty and doubt. 

Get closer to your higher self become confident feel supported be inspired

100 Journal entry pages 

50 - 3 minutes Acting warm-ups to keep you alert and sharp.

100 Mantras to develop an A Game mindset.

100 Acting lessons and Acting Success Tips and Advice

100 Acting and Art quotes by the greatest 

Actor, I have created this beautiful work of art for you to fill it in with your thoughts, feelings, ideas and dreams and work in progress. 

Develop an A-Game Mindset with over 100 Powerful Mantras that you can make your own.  Mantras are partly prayers and partly positive affirmations. The mission of a mantra is to become a part of you.

Keeping fit, Sharp and alert at any time, with my focused, powerful and super effective 3 minutes actor’s warm-up.  Ditch that nerve recking anxiety before an audition. 

Hear all about Acting from the greatest in the Industry with the Acting quotes.

Constantly learn to refine your craft with short and sweet nuggets of knowledge and mini lessons from Stanislavsky’s Methodology. Get insider knowledge tips and advice for success in your Acting Career 

Over the years I have shopped for journals a lot, 

I love journaling, always looking for the perfect one... dreaming of...


The right amount of art and beautiful images. 

Powerful inspirational quotes. 

Tips and advice for my acting career journey.

Mantras to keep me focused and positive. 

Acting warm-ups and exercises I could do any time on the spot.


A wealth of information served in  small doses of daily knowledge nuggets to keep me on track for reaching my goals and why not

A bunch of mini acting lessons while we are at it?


You've got it


In all honesty,

I never found anything that had all of this in it. 


Until I Created it

The Actor's Inspiration Journal

Your pocket-therapists 

Your source of inspiration 

Your unlimited support 

Your acting coach

Your Voice Coach

Your Acting Warm-up


Only £9  

100 Journal  Entry Pages


Journaling is an amazing, powerful and effective stress management tool.


Improves Immune Function, expressive writing can strengthen your immunity


Keeps Memory Sharp, helps keep your brain in tip-top shape, boost memory and comprehension and increases working memory capacity.


Boosts Mood, and gives you a greater sense of all, helping you see the bigger picture journaling benefits your overall emotional health.

Take your therapist, your source of inspiration your drama teacher, your acting and voice coach with you to every audition. 

Success in Acting Tips, Advice and Strategies 


Learn everything I know about success in this career. Via consumable daily dose of straight to the point core knowledge. No more constant googling and feeling there is too much information and not knowing where to start. Get straight to the point. Focus on being successful,

My Mantra of Today for deep focused positivity and inspiration 


Feel supported and Inspired at any time instantly. Program your subconscious mind to manifest your desires. Take your well-being guide with you to your auditions, rehearsals and performances.

Acting Quotes The Wise Words of the Greatest in the Industry 


Get to know the nitty-gritty basics, the depth of Acting. Getting the work done. Rising to the highest levels of mastery and reaching beyond your expectations.

Acting Lessons Express 


Fancy a 30 seconds acting lesson that can get you on top of your acting skills right now? When you are passionate about your profession, and your profession is acting, there is always time to learn more. My short, concise yet intensive acting lessons will put you on top of your acting world. Enhancing your talent and increasing your creativity.

3 Minutes Warm-ups 

These are truly the Bomb! 

Can you imagine feeling at full potential, character ready, voice tuned, body fit and mind focused, ready to act at a high level of Mastery in 3 minutes? 

Well, this is what you get with my 3 minutes warm-ups you get 50 variations of my 3 minutes potent and highly effective warm-ups.  


Before discovering these secret combinations of warm-ups I always felt forced into the scene, not ready yet for a few (eternal) seconds needing to ( get into it). Missing out on the momentum there’s right there within the first second of the scene.

Forget needing a ton of different resources to get ready and focused for your auditions just get the Actor's Inspiration Journal Now! 6 Volumes for only 9 GBP

The Actor's Inspiration Journal

Sylvia Love Johnson

About the Author


Vivid Dreamer, Inspirational Writer,

7th art lover, 

Filmmaker, Writer, Award-winning film Producer, Award-winning Entrepreneur. 

Actor, Acting Coach, Method Acting Tutor. 

Sylvia is helping to create the next generation of A-Listers.