Self- Distribution Management

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Free Self Distribution Analysis Report
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Distribution Strategy and Plan
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Self Distribution Management

Target Audience

It is vital that you perfectly know who would like to watch your film, who would love to watch your film and how are you going to reach out to your fans. 

List 5 groups. Invent creative ways of attracting your core audience to the product you know they are going to love. Your film is unique, or at least it has one or more elements of uniqueness to it. Use these elements to connect with your audience. HEKATE Film Works bases Customised Distribution Strategies on your Target Audience and Core Audience Analysis.

Digital Rights

Digital Rights can be complicated when handling because they often overlap. For instance, the digital rights home video distributors want may conflict with the digital rights required in the TV deal which may conflict with the rights needed by Netflix or similar platforms. More companies make money from digital downloads. Filmmakers must carefully structure deals, which include digital rights making sure they are complementary. 

The Value of True Fans

Social Media Buzz and Platform Creation. 

Filmmakers connect with viewers online and at screenings. When you build direct relationships with your fans you are creating core personal audiences for your films. Filmmakers with a website can turn visitors into subscribers, subscribers into purchasers, and purchasers into true fans who can contribute to new productions. Your fans learn that by purchasing your DVD they help you advance in your career and make more movies. Seek out to build a real relationship with your fans.

HKFW Film Self- Distribution Management

Distribution (Service) Deal


Indie Film Distribution Management (Distribution Service Deal) and Post- Production Services, aiding in film completion, supporting Indie Filmmakers in connecting with their audiences. A large number of Indie filmmaker lack knowledge, guidance, support and information to see their films to completion and from completion to their audience. We aim at providing a set of services that will solve this problem. 

A great number of companies that started as Service Deal Distribution company have grown so fast and large that they now settle for conventional distribution methods. There is a great demand for the Service Deal distribution system, as great at 100s of good quality films being produced every year, yet never seeing the light day due to a poor and very restricted distribution system across the world. This is a virgin field with numerous possibilities. 

We offer independent feature film and documentary producers new options for releasing their films to theatre and other content distribution channels.

Services to producers include:

  • Theatre Booking for premieres, multi-city debuts, and one-week bookings in cities nationwide. Includes ticket sales and local marketing on demand.

  • Press & PR services promote feature films and documentaries to writers, editors, and radio producers.  

  • Search Engine Marketing services ensure film and filmmaker can be found swiftly when media pros and the public search for them on Google.

  • Website development to support ticket sales, merchandise sales, and audience collection.

  • Social Media Marketing campaigns to sell tickets and build buzz via Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

  • Merchandising to expand production company revenues from on-demand product and book 

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HEKATE Film Works About 

Offering film and video production services, Film Industry Events and Exclusive Events, Film Industry Education and Training and Advanced Acting Training and housing a community of Film Investors.

We are a large ever-growing film industry professionals network. We are at the forefront of powerful storytelling. Our Film Industry family is strong and it expands across the world

We connect industry professionals with clients, supporters, investors, film lovers and large audiences.

Self  Distribution Management

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