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We are a Film loving Film Industry Community of Film Industry Professionals, supporters, and fans.

We are based in Reading, England, we have members, collaborators and supporters across the globe.

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  • Feature in our iNsider Spotlight blog.

  • Monthly Discounts on all products and services.

  • Opportunity to win 300 GBP in our iNsiders Showreel contest.

  • Opportunity to become a contributor Blogger in the community.

  • Filmmakers/Producers- Investor Matchmaking Service Free.

  • Free Audition Coaching Service.

  • Opportunity to Feature your Showreel in our IZ

  • Front row access to jobs and auditions.

  • Priority access to Film Industry Events and Exclusive Events.

  • Free Access to Online Special Screenings

  • Free Access Online Industry Related Webinars.

  • Free Indie Film Distribution Management Project Analysis.

  • Opportunity to reshaping The Network according to your expectations.

  • Access a large private network for Film Industry professionals.


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Our Mission...


  1. We are about telling powerful stories that move hearts and change worlds. Sending a beautiful and thought-provoking message to humanity through the power of moving images. We are about art beauty creation love and spirit also the thrill, adventure, power and strong storylines catering only the best and newest in the Film Industry.

  2. We are about connecting. We are a large network of film devoted people, we connect Film Industry professionals with film lovers, with film video production clients and with supporters, backers and investors.

  3. We are about community. We are passionate about our ever-growing Film Industry community that continues to grow in the UK and across the world. 


We are at the forefront of powerful storytelling. Our Film Industry Network is ever growing. We connect industry professionals with clients, supporters, investors and film lovers every day. Our community grows strong and excited about the power of moving images. We have a diversity of projects in the works. 



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