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Generally, the Independent Film Maker is not efficiently ‘organised’ the received equity funding. We aim at providing a platform for guidance and match-making for film investments. 

The Solution

 An all-encompassing platform where clients can get access, find variety and reliable information.

What sets us apart from similar service providers is that we focus solely on the film industry regarding investment and investment opportunities. We have a community of professionals powering our Investor/Filmmaking Services, thus we are able to attract more similar professionals and investors as well have a fluid and continued offer in the investment field. Here partnerships built on trust and comradeship can grow strong and fruitful. 

Whom do we serve?

  • Filmmakers and Producers seeking funding. Helping make introduction and connections with prospective funders.

  • Film Investors seeking investment opportunities in the film industry. Offering a variety of choice and advice to these selected stakeholders.


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What are the potential risks of investing in the Film Industry? 


Creative risk: The choice of a project is based on its potential commercial success in the domestic and international markets. The risk analysis is based on the director’s, actors’  and producers’ track records, the performance of similar productions and the estimated value of sales. If a key person leaves, this could mean the film’s stopped in its tracks.  Production risk: This can occur during the production stage, 

such as delays to filming due to the weather for instance or events such as rights clearance issues, costs may overrun the budget which means it’s usually harder to get your investment back. Performance risk: It’s important to appreciate that the profitability of a film might be partly based on its performance at the box office and later from the sales of  VOD  TV rights. The appeal of the film may have changed over time and there may be major events which deter people from the cinema just at the wrong time.

What are the potential benefits of investing in the Film Industry? 


EIS stands for ‘Enterprise Investment Scheme.’ This is where the government allows advantages for EIS companies that 

could potentially be a higher risk.

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) was launched by the UK government in 1994 with the aim of getting more people to invest in shares of small, unlisted but high-risk companies.

1. You can claim 30% tax relief

2. No capital gains tax is due on profits

3. No inheritance tax is due on EIS shares

4. You can ‘carry back’ your EIS investment to the previous tax year

5. You can invest in interesting start-ups


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