A Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Stage Development

Distribution: Festival, Online OnDemand




When love is the only option for redemption obsession for Method Acting drives Eva and Daniel away from it and towards the darkest place of their souls bringing out disease and horrific paranormal disaster.




"Death Comes before rebirth"

Two Actors working on a film take dangerously, to the extreme, their character building while preparing for their role to the point that fiction and reality become two directly opposing and conflicting forces by which their fate is determined.


METHOD  tells the story of star-crossed love.

Eva and Daniel are deeply submerged in the process of creating their roles for a film. Their extreme passion for METHOD Acting and the intensity they employ to recall past emotions and experiences put them at borders between sanity and insanity. They painfully self-inflict instability to truthfully reflect their character’s state of mind. Soon they are subdued by unexpected paranormal brain activity which crosses the line between psyche and materialises in their life.

The Actors fall in love with each in conflict with the reality of their characters. The METHOD sessions' invented life overrides the real inner life of the protagonists resulting in tragic consequences.


The characters they are working on, are pursuing different and conflicting objectives to their real-life personas.

The conflict of Truth Vs Truth leads to a drastic conclusion.

Danny(the character)  desperately wants to marry his girlfriend, Susie (the character) while Susie is fixed on breaking up the relationship. Danny’s motives for marrying are self-serving, obscure and far from true love. While Susie’s insecurities make her feel undeserving of his love and claustrophobic towards his obsession. Meanwhile, the real people Daniel and Eva have secretly fallen in love. This passion has, in a paranormal way, became, without their knowledge, the only cure to the different chronic and dangerous health conditions they suffer and due to self-inflicting with METHOD.

The battle against the self, the conflict of  Truth vs Truth has inadvertently become a fight for survival.

 Daniel is above all an obsessive Actor; he finds it impossible to let go Danny's impulses and truth. Meanwhile, Eva having evoked her most intense, painful and traumatic life experience to create Susie will find herself trapped in Susie’s dark energy field where she has found a place of denial to cover up her trauma.

The Actor Daniel has hopelessly fallen in love with the Eva; thus he is experiencing ‘The Broken Heart Syndrome’, which causes him severe pain during his METHOD sessions. Throughout Eva’s Method sessions and rehearsals at home, we see a very intensive interpretation of her role. As well as the evidence of her being in the middle of an emotional breakdown. We discover that she lives in two different realities, she has a man in her house, but the mystic aura around him suggests that he might be a supernatural presence. We later discover that he is indeed the spirit of her real-life boyfriend who passed away. Eva is transferring the emotional pain to the role preparation. By doing so, she is burying herself in an abysm of denial, and she is physically disappearing from the world.
Daniel is linked to Eva's psyche, so he sees what is happening to her, he tries to rescue her from what seems a no return from a place of darkness. He does this for his sake. Eva's love presents the only chance for his recovery, ‘The Broken Heart Syndrome” is killing him.

The bud the petal and the stem

The leaf the root and the seed

Sweetest of aromas live in you mysteriously

Aroused in the winter asleep in the summer

Brother to the Milky Way,

Blossom of the mother

Accelerate fervent heights of ecstasy

witness cosmic indulgence in sacred desire

Impregnate your want in the everlasting wall

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