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 METHOD the Graphic Novel & Comic Strip Launch Event


Join us in the celebration of the launch of METHOD Trans Media Project 1 Our the newly created 'METHOD The Comic Strip & the Graphic Novel' Series

The launch will be at.

Broad Street, Reading, RG1 on 25th July noon - 6 pm.

Register online at for instant download URL.


This event serves us as an opportunity to make our filmmaking activities known to the people of Reading and also bringing a stronger sense of innovation, creativity and the development of Arts in the Reading, Berkshire, community. It is exciting to see how much talent there is here in Reading.


HEKATE Film Works is a film and video production company offering a wide range of video production services, from commercials to wedding videos, actor’s reels, video appeals etc.

We are also a growing ‘Filmmaker and Movie Lover’ online community featuring our popular Facebook group ‘Short Films Online’ and our Film Forum at where industry professionals and fans, alike, can share their views and ask questions.  HEKATE Film Works main focus lies on creating inspirational theatrical pieces for the Entertainment Industry, thought-provoking, powerful and memorable moving images, our dream is to greatly contribute to the 7Th Art world’s legacy.


We have been in existence since 2012 with our Head Quarters in Reading, UK.

Since then we have produced award-winning short films and featured in some of the most important Film Festivals around the world including Palms Spring, Clermont-Ferrand, San Diego International Kids Film Festival and Depth of Field International Film Festival.


 METHOD Trans Media Project 1 was born as an idea to add an extra element to our short film project ‘METHOD’, thus implementing our marketing and distribution strategy as well as being an initiative to offer 'more' to our fans and followers.


“ Independent Filmmakers nowadays are having to be incredibly creative, inventive, innovative to reach their audiences, stand out and reach their goals’ Said Sylvia Love Johnson, Filmmaker and Founder of HEKATE Film Works.


METHOD Trans Media Project 1 has turned into an exciting opportunity to discover and showcase some very talented artists in the UK.

Over the next season we will be introducing you to surprising, yet still unknown, creative talent.

We are happy to use this platform to promote the work of a diversity of artist with our METHOD Trans Media Project 1.


More about HEKATE Film Works… Projects in Development


METHOD Short Film (pre-Production)


METHOD analyses Love true love, fake love, falling in love, falling out of love, obsessive love, love between siblings, the first love of a boy.

We explore the bond between brothers, drama under challenging relationships, psychoanalysis and deception. 

In the race to prove the right to 'get the girl' two brothers employ the “Method” only to end up revealing each other’s darkest side.  In the depths of the story, we find the tragedy of lost love.


Montana Mischief Feature Film (Pre-Production)


The 15-year-old Janelle Montana is the Joan of Arch of the 21rst Century. Her story is set in gang mobster environment in the down to earth neighbourhood of Lewisham, Southeast London.


The action-packed story of a young girl who has suffered a significant loss and receives an extraordinary calling.  Montana Mischief focuses on how Janelle Montana deals with her loss; it will also reveal the bravery of her character and the loyalty of her teenage friends. Her decisiveness to take over her father’s business marks a new stage in her life and shows how she assumes responsibility, gains strength and builds her character. All these events clash with the celebration of her 15th birthday.


Our future and current events and activities include:


  • The ‘Montana Mischief Casting Call’


We have published the Casting Call for our first Feature film on we’ve had a response of 900 applications and counting after only a week of publishing it. We are looking for very particular people, with unique attributes and most of all we want to find and showcase new talent around the UK. We are making an ‘Event’ out this casting call, by publicising it widely, this is in order to raise funds for the filming, raise awareness of the project, to give as many actors/actresses as possible, the opportunity to be in the film and finally and most importantly to do a thorough and concise talent search. 

First Auditions will be held in September - October 2015.


  • HEKATE Film Works Short Animation Competition, Round 3


After the first two rounds, over 300 applications to submit to our ‘invitation only’ competition, having discovered great talents, such as Katherine Jackson, Adam Webb and  Rishi Rai we are taking it to the next level. For round 3 all artists are welcome to submit, no invitation required, plus there will be a £150 cash prize award and an Internship at HEKATE Film Works for the winner.


  • HEKATE Film Works ‘Pop Art  & Comic Competition’


We are thrilled with the great work that we have already seen submitted for our first round of the competition. Submissions close on 15 December 2015. Our Pop Art and Comic Competition is a beautiful method for discovering and showcasing talent around the world, which would, otherwise, remain unknown.


  • ‘Reading Artists Network’ Events


We are gathering all the artists in Reading, Berkshire. Fashion Designers, Filmmakers, Photographers, Actors, Writers, Painters and more, to create our very own ‘Reading Artists Network’. Many artists and Film and Entertainment Industry Professionals in Reading have to constantly rely on London to find work and to make connections. ‘Reading Artists Network’ will be a great way to connect and work together in Reading, Berkshire.

The first Networking Event is to be held in December 2015 a ‘Cheese and Wine Party’ hosted by HEKATE Film Works.


  • Award Winning HEKATE Short Films London and South East, Screening Tour


Community Centres and screening houses around London and South East  UK will host our short films during our Tour in the spring of 2016. Short films to feature on this tour:


  • ‘Art’s Eyes’ 2012

Award Winning, children’s short film. Sylvia Love Johnson received the Best Produced Kids Film at the San Diego International Kids Film Festival 2013.


  • ‘She Moon Love Spell’ 2013


“Suggestive and Beautiful” Per Bohlin

“A lovely moment of Zen to start the day “John G.

Featuring the ‘inspirational’ ‘magical song’ “True Love”, original music theme from the Short film “She Moon, Love Spell” 2013 by Sylvia Love Johnson,

She Moon, Love Spell has inspired audiences around the world. Based on the novel by Sylvia Love Johnson

“Very Divine and Kudos for creativity, but most daring was the combined thrust for love, power and an in-depth display of spells…” Janet Kelly


  • ‘Ethical Fashion: Tammam’ 2013


A short documentary film that focuses on environmental awareness with fashion as its core topic.

Fashion is a part of our culture our society our identity. How does fashion respect our home, planet Earth?

Atelier Tammam is a small traditional couture atelier (fashion studio and showroom) based in the heart of Bloomsbury, central London. They specialise in handcrafted, handmade, high quality bridal and evening wear.

Lucy Tammam tells us about their environmentally friendly practices such as planting a tree per each gown they produce, working in a fair trade basis and ensuring an ethical source chain while selecting only natural fabrics for her designs.


  • ‘Forgotten Paradise’ 2015


Presently being shown at the Palms Spring Short Film Fest and in the Official selection of Depth of Field International Film Festival.

In the search for the answer of some of the most critical questions in life, two young boys eight and ten years old put into action their creative skills, they decide to make a film about fear and loneliness. Research, a spirit of adventure and pure childlike reasoning results in a surprising turn of events. This short film is a hearty, emotionally uplifting comedy, a cinematic piece with poetic elements of spiritual awakening.


METHOD Short Film (pre-production)

This short film in Development 


METHOD Trans Media Project 2,

The second edition of the METHOD Trans Media Project 1 with a further 4 Comics and Graphic Novel short Stories for what happened After ‘METHOD’ the short film.


Montana Mischief Feature Film (pre-production).

We shall enter production during the last quarter of 2016