You have been  pre-selected in our Book Cover Model Casting Call, for the Novel "Mystic Dream" by S.L Johnson, you can read a preview of the second edition here. Please fill in the form bellow and send us your head shot via email. The heah shot MUST be a "profile" view of yourself.


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A visit from the ghost of Selene leaves Siri desiring to know more. Why now? The past that she has tried to scape now screams at her in dreams and visions. Unfinished business left behind, long ago, call for immediate attention. A series of mystical events will set Siri and her long lost friends Tamara, Luna and Dama in a journey that unites light and darkness, the seen with the unseen. The divinity in their souls now reveals the secrets they tried to hide when they were children. Through them an eternal dream must be fulfilled. In their meaningless lives as adults detached, they find the strength to complete their divine mission. This time Selene calls and there is no where to run. Ordinary women will accomplish the extraordinary lead by a Magical Soul as they take the last chance to fulfil their destiny. The memories of a childhood full of magic, love, joy and tragedy reunites the protagonists of our story in their journey toward the unknown for the benefit of human kind.