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Advanced Acting Training

Do you ever feel lonely while preparing for an audition?


Do you wish you had a professional watching you and giving you feedback to help you enhance your performance?

Would you like to walk into your auditions being 

100% Confident and Certain that you are ready to 

give your best?





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You have an audition coming up, we are here to ensure that your performance is at its best. We offer you a convenient service for Actors preparing for important auditio...
Audition Coaching
1 hr

Maximise Your Potential

We offer you a convenient service for Actors preparing for important auditions where we ensure you feel confident, ready and that you have prepared well.

We will guide you in maximising your potential.


In this session, we will look at your technique, delivery and state of mind. We will evaluate your performance and look at maximising your strengths as well as leveraging your weaknesses turning them to assets. 


Many Actors don’t feel confident in their acting ability even when they are brilliant.


With our system, we are guiding our professional Actors clients in how to gain more and more confidence in spite of rejection and in transforming every stumbling block into a stepping stone.

So they can march on in the direction of career success and fulfilment.


During this Session, you will Learn


#1 To know your gifts.

#2 To be confident from within yourself regardless of the outside world.

#3 To transform your audition into an opportunity to shine.


All this while sharpening your skills and learning to master your craft.

So you can be conscious and intentional in mapping out your career path towards your dream role.

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Get help with your Audition

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The Short Intensive Method Acting Course


  • Invest in  you

  • Prepare Well

  • Get  Direction

  • Get Confident

  • Be Ready


Very useful for many aspects of life and art. For example,

as a writer, I think I now visualize much better my characters.  I  Highly recommend it. It also helps to overcome the blockages caused by shyness.

Gloria Torres (Acting Student)