Top 10 Secrets for a Successful Audition

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

You can consciously work towards achieving 100% success at your auditions. One important tip is that you should only apply for jobs you really want. You need to go after the auditions that align with your projected career path. Seek out the opportunities that match your vision for your future in your acting career. Don't be a person who does 'whatever' and goes with whomever will have them. That is the wrong energy to project. It will not work in any area of your life and much less in this one.

Once you have a clear vision of what exact auditions you want to go for and you know why, read on to find out my top 10 Secrets to be successful at all your auditions.

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1. Decide to be a Breath of Fresh air.

You are going to meet new people or perhaps you know them already. You are going to be interacting with them. You are going to be part of their day. Why not be the best part of their day?

You have got it in you. We can all be a breath of fresh air to the people we meet with daily.

Why not make this your intention before your audition?

With your intention, you can do anything you decide to do and if you decide to be a breath of fresh air you will be. You will stand out amongst the rest of the candidates.

2. Take the opportunity to show off, Shine, Practice...

You might not get every role you audition for but you can absolutely shine in every audition you do.

An audition shouldn’t be seen as a means of getting a role only. You need to see every audition as an opportunity to gain experience, shine, show off, practice your skills, refine your technique and to fully and purely enjoy yourself.

3. Enjoy it.

Enjoy it. Have a good time. Fall in love with Acting all over again each time you audition. Love every moment of it, regardless of the future outcome. The Moment is all that matters. Have the time of your life every time you go to an audition. Isn’t this the reason why you love Acting?

4. Be Genuinely interested in the Project and in the People Auditioning you.

Be genuine and care about the people auditioning you. You are actually a naturally caring and loving person, whether you know it or not.

I’ll give you an example.

The other day my gas meter broke down. I had just paid my bill and my house cold and I couldn’t take a hot shower. I called the gas supplier, angrily. It was around 6pm, they said they were going to send an engineer so I waited and waited, by midnight no one had come. I called again, angrily, stating all my different angry points even though it was past midnight. So they said that the best they could do is send an engineer the next day. So the next day in he comes, I’m ready to recite my angry points at him too so I wait until he finishes fixing my meter to do so.

“All done Miss,” he says

“Thank you" I reply "You’d never know what happened to me” here I come ready to share my anger...

“What?”, he answer...

At this point the young, tall man, leans forward, looks at me intently and starts to genuinely listen to me before I even say a word.

My anger vanished...

I could see and feel, clearly, that this stranger was genuinely interested in hearing me out. He was going to listen to anything I had to say and for as long as it took.

The feeling that he genuinely cared put me in a different place.

A place in which I could no longer be angry or negative in any way as if by magic.

When you genuinely care you are a blessing that can be experienced and you will be remembered.

Care and be genuine for success in your audition and in life in general.

5. Bring You to the room.

Be you. Love you. You are to be liked exactly for who you are and you must expect that. If someone can’t like you for who you are that’s their loss. But never try to be anything other than you. You are the only person in the whole world who can Do You perfectly. Do it proudly.

6. Know they Want You to Get it.

The people auditioning you want you to get it. They so much wish that you walked into the room did your bit and were absolutely perfect. That’s their dream. They don’t want to audition every person under the sun before they find the perfect candidate. They are on your side. They want you on their team. Just remember that when you walk in that room.

7. Know the answers to the Questions.

Do your research and preparation. What are the questions you are likely to be asked?

Know these questions and the answers well.

Prepare this like it was an exam. The questions are the usual, but be sure to prepare these questions for every different audition you go for. Visualise the person auditioning you asking the questions and yourself giving the perfect answers to all of them. Do this in your mind several times.

8. Prepare Prepare Prepare and then prepare

This should come without saying but unfortunately it doesn’t.

I’m tired of seeing people coming to audition totally unprepared.

Please prepare. Preparation makes you confident it makes you own it!!

You need to devote time for preparation and you need to prepare in every single way, body, mind and soul.

Make sure you study the character inside out. Watch related movies, read biographies, know the back story. Find out about the director and their vision, about the writer and their thoughts.

Also prepare well mentally, emotionally and physically.

My Acting Career Coaching Programme can set you in the right direction for this. Start with Monologue Mastery.

9. Do you a Favour and do a Warm-Up before you go in.

Many Actors believe that preparation is limited to learning their lines.

Is not. You need a full good powerful warm-up of between 10-30 minutes, minimum right before your audition.

Make no excuses to get this done. Your warm-up must be the last thing you do before your audition.

No rushing through your lines no pooping your pants but a good thought-out relevant warm-up.

I cannot stress this enough.

10. Visualise your Desired Outcome

This is the single most important thing you need to do.

This and the warm-up.

If you want to ignore the other 9 secrets go ahead but you must do this.

Visualise exactly what you want to see happening during your audition. See, feel, hear everything that will happen, in your mind beforehand. Do it as many times as possible.

In the evening before falling asleep in the morning before getting up, during your afternoon break.

Sit down, close your eyes and vividly visualise exactly what will happen during your audition from beginning to end.

11. Extra Secret for Mums

If you are a mum reading this because your child is auditioning I only have one thing to say to you

“Be nice Please”

We are British Film Industry professionals doing the best we can to best of our ability for the benefit of all.

Please be nice to us.

A moody, unfriendly, uncaring, unhelpful attitude will not help us do our job and it will definitely not help your child get the part because we will steer clear off you and your family.

Most mums are lovely, to say the truth.

I’m a mum and I am lovely. Thank you very much.

I’m just talking to those pushy mums who are really not that lovely and make life difficult for all of us for no reason at all. Please, don’t.

Now go forth and take on the world. You’ve got this. Good Luck with your audition

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