Be in the Moment!

Updated: May 15, 2019

"The Short"

Method Acting Course

“…Outstanding moments when an actor disappears and a character that has been roaring, pacing, vigilant… emerges’

Throughout my career as Method Actress, Actor's Director I have come across many 'moments'. Moments of creativity, of improvisation, moments of truth, outstanding moments when an actor disappears and a character that has been roaring, pacing, vigilant, as he or she has been patiently shaped into form, waiting for that moment; emerges. The actor or actress then, is able to hold on to the character throughout the piece. But the moment of emerging is gone within seconds. That unique moment when there was for the first time no separation between the actor and the role is gone nearly as soon as it arrives.

The main problem is that these priceless moments, which take the actor and his/her audience to a different dimension believe and passion vanish. These moments happen normally behind the camera, in a rehearsal studio, during the creation process, during improvisations. These moments are never captured.

So many times I've heard from my students; "We should've filmed that" or "that was brilliant and it's gone" So many times I've caught myself trying to recreate "the moment" failing miserably. The moment cannot be recreated.

Then I had the idea of 'The Short'…

What if we had the opportunity to submerge ourselves in the depths and intensity of Method Acting in a learning environment, without the demands of productivity but with the discipline of Drama School, while having as the main objective the production of a high quality cinematic piece.

What if the production of "The Short" is in deed a Method Acting Intensive Course where no moments are missed everything if filmed. The entire creation process is part of the production.

We have created a package which combines a high quality production with intensive drama school discipline training.

Be in the moment!

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