Consciously Grow and Leverage your Film Industry Network for Maximum Career Success

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

When I speak of consciously maximising your career success by leveraging your Film Industry Network, many of my friends, colleagues and students seem to think that their fate is out of their hands. That everything they want for their future is mainly up to luck. That they can do very little to affect significant change in their lives, they think they need to be "discovered". 

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I used to think the same, and yes, it is great to meet people who support you in your career and help you reach your goals, but you have the power to decide what happens.

I am sure you have heard this before: You need to be in the right place at the right time.

Being in the right place at the right time is very handy, but you don't need to be "lucky" to manage that. You can learn to "know" what is the right place and time at any given moment. Better yet, you can learn to create the right place and the right time.

That's when harnessing the power of The Network comes into play.

Most of us want the same thing. To be significant. To make an impact. To fulfil our dreams. To achieve our goals. To be good at what we do and get rewarded for it. To get jobs, meet the right people, be influential, create value, be of value, help make society better.

Being a group of people with a common goal in the same industry in with the same interests, tightly connected, and a click away from each other makes us a powerful platform for potential success.

Consciously growing your Network and using it to your advantage is something you need to be exploring and actively working at.

The Network needs to be a part of your career path mission.

Harnessing the power of your Network is a skill you can be avid at the developing while having a lot of fun too. Your Network is a tool for growth, a vehicle towards success.

1. Find out what everyone is working on and what potential collaborators, film directors, producers etc. need.

Can you fulfil one the roles they are hiring for? Do you like their project? Would you share it with your friends in exchange for them sharing your profile/blogs/pictures? Do they have a crowdfunding campaign that you want to back? Can you exchange talents? Do you have services you can mutually exchange?

Start by completing your profile at The Network so that everyone can see what you do. Showcase your talents. Let us know about your projects.

2. Attend Events.

Find out about industry events or other arts-related events in your area and attend as many as possible. Attend with friends or at least one friend or colleague.

Attend prepared; do your research, know who will be attending too and who you are likely to want to meet. Take business cards with you, one-pagers, your pitch deck presentation, your portfolio. By this, I don't mean that you should go to the event ready to disrupt it. It means that you should be prepared to pitch a project or showcase your talent, should you be face to face with the right person.

You can make any time be the right time and any place the right place.

3. Join Groups.

Make sure you join groups with people of interest in your career goals. Be it, in-person groups or online groups you need to do your research, know where to find your future collaborators, team members, backers, supporters and fans, find them and join them.

4. Create a Master Mind Group. 

In 1937 Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of MasterMind Groups in his book "Think and Grow Rich" A Master Mind Group is a gathering of like-minded individuals, professing a variety of skill sets combined, with the mission to triumph in their businesses main areas of interest. They meet regularly to provide ideas, planning, strategies, share insight, and holding each other accountable.

5. Work on a Project.

Be constantly working. Don't wait. Don't be in "resting" periods. Always be working on a project to add to your resume. It could be as little as monologue you perform and post on YouTube. A 500-word short story. A 60 Short film. Be always working on a project and involve the people in your Network in your projects.

6. Go to Film Festivals.

Keep updated with the top film festivals and plan to go at least once a year.

Pula Film Festival

7. Write your Screenplay. 

Even if it takes you a lifetime, learn the necessary skills and give this a shot. Do the absolute best, and then you can harness the power of your Network to see your Screenplay in the big screen.

8. Follow.

In our fast-growing 'social media era' the word 'follow' is overused and underrated.

When I say follow I mean to follow the person or persons you are after. Follow the people you want to work with precision and with full intent. Follow them with purpose and with a plan. Who do you want to hire or want to be hired by or collaborating with? Follow them on social media. Find out about their values, their visions, their dreams. What they want, what they think. Read their blogs and articles, read their Facebook posts and their tweets. Get to know them. Find out what they need, what are they are looking for. Learn about the projects they are working on. What exactly are they working on who with and when? Nowadays, all you need to do is 'follow'.

10. Do your Research

What do you want to achieve? Know what you want and then do your research to find out who do you need in your team. Whose support do you need? Who can inspire you? Who can help you? Who can you help the will, in turn, bring great value to your vision?

11. Reach out to a Celebrity.

This something we all must do regardless of feeling that we will be rejected. Reach out to a celebrity ask them for advice or tell them how much you admire them. Tell them a story and ask for insight. But be persistent don't stop until you get a reply. Why? Because once you achieve this, and you will if you persist, you will realise how close you are to reaching your career goals. 

12. Be sure to spend time with people you Admire.

As you know you're are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Make sure you spend time with people you admire. People who can inspire you to fulfil your dreams. People who can help your vision grow. People who are already making it. People you can get advice and guidance from.

13. Find out how you can Help out in the Projects you Want to Work.

Is there a project you want to work in? You have tried to get a job there but were 'unlucky', or you have not tried because you think you will not get the job. Do some research and learn how you can be of service a be it.

14. Subscribe and read Film Industry publications and Newsletters

Keep up to date and well informed with reputable Film Industry publications and newsletters like IndieWire and The Hollywood Reporter. Know what is going on at all time, and you will find opportunities everywhere. 

I hope you understand the concept of The Network we are creating at HEKATE Film Works.

The Network is you is me is us. The Network is your talents, knowledge, abilities and disposition. The Network is sharing, connecting and creating in unity. Our mission is to create beauty, to evoke emotion.  We have one language: Film. The Network is, above all, your desire and your unbeatable drive to triumph, to do what you love and be successful! You and I are making The Network into a mighty force of moving images that is ready to shake the world. Connect and create. Harness the power of The Network.

These are just a few ideas to help you harness the power of the Network.

What is your take on this? What are your ideas? Are you inspired yet? Tell us in comments.  Subscribe for more.

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