The Secret to Success in the Film Industry

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

The secret to success in the film industry is The Network. Who you know. Who your work with. Who knows you. The good news is that you can consciously grow and build your network for career success and exactly as it best suits you.

If you work in the Film Industry, you are trying to grow your Network and you are after a successful career, then you know well that it can be lonely world out there. For actors is hard to find decent work. You feel you are in constant competition with your peers. You feel the pressure of having to be perfect, to be the best. You are constantly exposed to rejection, you are an emotional basket case, you feel vulnerable at all times and you believe that is your natural state of being. Is not. Your natural state of being is joyful and confident. Success is inevitable if you only align with who you truly are.

As a film crew professional you are highly skilled, you are beyond passionate about what you do, you own top-class gear and yet you don’t feel appreciated or supported. You might be earning thousands this month but nothing next month. Does anyone care? It seems not.

At HEKATE Film Works we have identified a massive hole in the Industry. There is a tremendous lack of support, a scarcity in the sense of community, much insecurity, a senseless and unhealthy competitive mindset. Lack of communication, lack of connection.

There could a person who needs your talent right next door. Together you can make a team and create amazing work but you will never know and if you ever do know you might see each other as ‘the competition’

In your efforts to grow your network you are constantly told that you need to be in the right place at the right time. But where on earth is that supposed to be? And what time exactly, please?

Well, the answer is that there are ways of knowing the answer to those questions when you are consciously working at growing your network and leveraging it for your success. But it is a matter of discipline, correct direction and right action. Also a little support and comradeship will go a long way. In the company of friends and others with common aims, things work out. Creation moves from vision to reality.

We have also identified a severe lack of support for Actors, for those who are advanced students, over 21 years old and for those who are already working as professional Actors. We have learnt that in this area we need, guidance, emotional support, encouragement and continued advanced acting training as well as career coaching. To sharpen your skills and promote growth. It makes sense. Nowadays it feels like you can only find accessible training if you are under 21 or better still, a child, and even then it will not be high-quality advanced professional training unless you are willing to join large waiting lists, pay large fees or travel sev miles away. This is real.

Finally, a big problem: All around the world we have incredibly genius talented filmmakers that constantly produce astonishing pieces. Yet those pieces will never see the light of day. Why? The Film Distribution system is crippled. The handful of main film distributors in operation can’t take on the 1000s of amazing films being made every year even if they wanted. Filmmakers are creative individuals, artists and they should feel free and happy to be so. They are not business managers. Film Distribution is a business that needs management. This is why we at HEKATE Film Works we are so into the new development of our Indie Film Self Distribution Management Division, connecting filmmakers with their audience.

In terms of Film Investment we have found more gaps. Film Investors are given a very limited choice when it comes to investing in the Independent Film market. They have to abide by what a handful of financiers have decided to bet on. What if Investors had a much wider range of choice? What if they had the opportunity to get to know the filmmakers one to one? If they could get to see them and experience their work, personally learn about their vision and work ethics. Get to know them by going camping together or business “speed dating”. What if the offer for the Film Investor was endless and he/she could really go around picking and choosing? Wouldn’t that be better? The fact is that the offer is indeed endless but the problem is that the Investor and the Filmmaker are not effectively connected with each other. We are curing that ill with The Network.

Today I was talking with some of the members in the HEKATE Film Works team. We are super excited that we are finding more and more ways to cover these ‘holes' Our Main and most recent creation is THE NETWORK

The Network is HEKATE Film Works' online community of film lovers and fans. Film Industry professionals and Investors. We connect our iNsiders with backers, clients, investors and large audiences. We hold iNsider Events and Exclusive Events. We fervently work at connecting all with all. We firmly believe we are all one. We all benefit from the success of our community. If you are part of The Network, it is not a lonely world out there anymore.

Check out some of the free benefits of being and iNsider in The Network:

  • Feature in our iNsider Spotlight blog.

We will be writing a blog post about you. Your talents your services, your offer. Your story, your filmography. Showing your art your photos. Letting our community, your community know your thoughts and your vision. All members of The Network qualify. All you need to do is submit your The Network profile link. By going to Profile- Submit. Make sure your profile is completed and that you have added everything you want us to feature in our article about you. All the pictures, links, videos, quotes everything, ebooks, sign up forms on your personal website anything and everything.

  • Monthly Discounts on all products and services.

Drones. 3D Printers. Digital Products. Classes. Services. Online Coaching Sessions.

  • Opportunity to win free social media marketing in our iNsiders Showreel contest.

If you are a Filmmaker, Producer, Director Cinematographer, Actor, or another crew member with a showreel submit your showreel for a chance to win our in-house contest.

  • Opportunity to become a contributor Blogger in the community.

The Influencer project aims at finding, supporting and promoting future influencers within our community. Everything starts with blogging. If you have anything unique about you, which you do. If you can express your ideas and uniqueness in a way that’s compelling and interesting. If you can do this in a consistent and regular basis. If you have anything of value to offer. If your answer is yes to any of the above you are on your way to becoming an influencer and if you want to be one we will support you via The Network.

  • Filmmakers/Producers- Investor Matchmaking Service.

If you are a filmmaker or a producer seeking investment we will find you, Investors. If you are an Investor seeking to invest in the Independent Film Industry we find the right projects.

  • 50% off Audition Coaching Service.

As a member of The Network your first Online Audition Coaching is 50% Off.

  • Opportunity to Feature your Showreel in our iZ.

Even if you don’t win the contest your showreel can end up being a runner up, in this case, we will feature it in iZ and Share it across our social media Channels.

  • Front row access to jobs and auditions.

iNsiders come first and The Network Reigns. Our jobs and auditions come to you first!

Priority access to Film Industry Events and Exclusive Events.

You are first on the list for Events and Exclusive Events.

  • Free Access to Online Special Screenings. Free Access Online Industry Related Webinars.

These are screenings and master classes exclusive to The Network. We will be featuring your films in our Special Screenings.

  • Free Indie Film Distribution Management Project Analysis.

Filmmakers and Producers who want guidance for self-distribution management can access this service free.

  • The opportunity of reshaping The Network according to your expectations.

Your opinion will always count and we count on you to build and Shape The Network.

  • Access a large private network of Film Industry professionals.

This is only the beginning and to start with.

We have much more on the way.

In the meantime, connect and create. Harness the Power fo the Network.

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