How to Skyrocket your Audition Technique Mastering your Monologues

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

In 8 years of running casting calls and auditions for my projects and those of my associates, I have been shocked every single time that 80% of the people invited to audition, who applied, for significant roles do not show up to the audition. On the contrary, casting calls for extras and walk-ons get fully booked fast, people bring themselves and their friends and family when they can.

So if you are auditioning for a significant role and you are planning to show up, you are amongst the rare 20%.

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Make the most of it by following these tips.

Make an impression. The chances are that you are going to be auditioning for a human and the chances are that you are human too. We, humans, know how to make an impression on other humans. So do it. There is no harm in consciously making an impression. Do this by thinking more about them and less about you. Set it as your mission to help them accomplish their task. Their mission is to find the right actors/s. Prepared, likeable and easy to work with. Let that be you. Visualise this outcome for 5 minutes every day for a week before your audition. See yourself helping your casting director get their job done.

Don't be nervous: nerves are combat and killed quickly with three things: The right mental attitude, thorough preparation and real confidence. 

Regarding your mental attitude, there is a lot you can do, enough to write a whole book like my short story series 100 Secrets. But the main thing is to know with certainty that you have a purpose of fulfilling. You have a mission, and nothing can come between you and your task as long as you are devoted to it and put your full heart into it. 

In terms of preparing, this is key thorough prepping will boost your confidence superpower. Please, I cannot stress this enough, just prepare well: Do a warm-up before you go in, here is The Ultimate 'Actors's Warm-up ebook   a short, powerful and effective 'Actor's warm-up to get you in top form before a performance, with this manual you will be ''in- the- moment'' from the second you step into your scene. Subscribe to get it. Prepare for the questions they might ask you, here is the list of the 20 most common questions a casting director will ask you. Prepare those well to boost your confidence and kill your nerves. Prepare your piece. It is unreal the number of people I have had come to audition with no prepping not even knowing what they were supposed to do also when auditioning for leading roles. I did feel a bit insulted in those occasions. 

Confidence is your superpower. The two above will boost your confidence, but you need to be sure of what you are doing to be genuinely confident. You need to be 100% happy with your level of skill and ability so that you can be confident from the very core of your being. You do not need outside approval from people. 'It's ok for approval to be welcomed, appreciated and gratefully accepted but it 'shouldn't be a desperate need. You also 'shouldn't need favourable circumstances to feel confident about your acting. Real confidence comes from being a master of your craft, nothing else. If you agree click to tweet now.

Choose good monologues. There are thousands of good monologues. Do your research and find the best you can find out there. Good monologues showcase amazing characters. The writers did most of the work for you by providing the sentiment and potential for memorable acting. Significant roles make great actors and amazing performances. Be sure to let the most legendary characters ever written showcase your talent.

Do not imitate, focus on creating. You are a unique individual. No one does you as well as you do you. That is your greatest asset. 'That's the only thing that guarantees that you will stand out from the rest. Do ''you'' unapologetically and confidently.

Be Memorable. When you can make your audience care about your character, you will be memorable.

Tell a story honestly from the heart. We love stories. That is what connects us. Your character has a story to tell. Believe in it genuinely and make it your account then say it "like you mean it".

Avoid letting your monologues go stagnant, stale and lifeless with repetition. Use acting techniques to keep your monologues fresh and anew for every single performance.

I have created a free mini-course where I show techniques that will help you keep your performances alive, real, meaningful, fresh and anew every single time no matter how many times you do the same monologue.

The monologues in the course are some of the most legendary and influential ever written, showcasing strong, compelling characters. I show you how to identify and analyse the universal essence of a character so you can access their psyche to know their innermost desires, fears, mission and strategies to get what they want. You can apply this knowledge to any role you play. You learn Method Acting techniques to be "in character" and ""in-the-moment" deeply, on the spot and fast, as well in a way 'that's real and truthful and the essence of creating memorable performances. Join us in Monologue Mastery free mini-course.


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