Love, the Opposing Force

Love, the Opposing Force

METHOD a Short Film project

Love, the Opposing Force

You have no control over our heart. When it decides to give itself up to someone, it dives in fully, head first, without your approval or permission whether you like it or no. The possibility of being happily in love exists but more often than not love can be a brutal process that leaves your mind warped and your soul dismantled” Daniel. Method Short Film

Stress Cardiomyopathy or ‘The Broken Heart Syndrome’ is a rare yet lethal heart condition caused by emotional stress. Love can cause physical pain and even death.

The pain that Daniel feels is the expression of the impossible love story he finds himself submerged in. He is deeply in love for the first time in his life. As an actor he uses this strong real emotion to build his character but this exercise might kill him. Every time he recalls his love he suffers from sharp chest pain and shortens of breath. This is torture; he anticipates the loss and the failure in his emotional pursuit.

He is awestricken with Eva, on that eventful day, and after only one encounter he has fallen deeply for her, but then she disappears from his life. Even so, she has become the object of his love, his passion and his obsession.

She disappears leaving Daniel hopeless, the pain intensifies, Daniel’s condition worsens.

The next time they see each other it is under circumstances that put a great strain on their relationship.Their devotion to METHOD is lethal for their love, whichever way they play it, it will be a no win situation for both.

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Daniel, in fiction, needs Eva’s love to lead him to the truest form of his character, in real life, he needs her love merely to survive. Eva’s character, Susie, is determined to break up the relationship, this added to the fact that the emotional memories and pain she employs to guide her into character are pulling her further and further away from reality and from accepting Daniel’s love.

Leading her into a pit of darkness, a world created through grief.

Against his actor’s ‘truth’ Daniel struggles to have his love returned, this proves impossible in ‘truth’ and in ‘fiction’ thus the obsession intensifies as Eva is indeed vital for Daniel’s survival. He can loose his life. The only way to stop the pain is to have Eva yet she is slowly disappearing. Daniel’s relies on his character Danny to protect him from the eminent fall. If he can only assume Danny’s mind and heart; his ulterior motives, his superficiality and his selfishness, if he can manage to transform into his character, in the process of finding its truth, only then he can survive. His struggle becomes a conflict between the truth of his character and his own truth.

Each, if successfully accomplished, can potentially lead to his recovery and survival yet the possibilities are thin since ‘love’ is the opposing force.

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