How to “Be in the Moment”: Method Acting

Updated: Jan 10

Being in the moment is surrendering to the role without reservations, letting it grow within you and take over, there and then, in the moment, fully trusting with absolute confidence that the role, now you, can and will lead the scene where it needs to go without even thinking.

When you are in the Moment you feel 100% natural, you go with the flow. There is no right or wrong. You are not afraid. You and your character are one, and that’s all there is, your character is real. You believe it and you live it, here and now as if it was all you knew to do. You trust yourself deeply and you enjoy it. Your character takes you with ease where you need to be, and we, your audience, follow you wherever you go.

You have captured our hearts and minds.

To be in the moment you need to trust the work you have done, fully. Trust in you fully.

The question then is, have you done the work? Method Acting is the work.

Throughout my career as Method Actor and Method Acting Coach, Drama Teacher and Actor's Director, I have come across many 'Moments'.

Moments of being in the Moment.

Moments of creativity, of improvisation. Moments of truth, outstanding moments when the actor disappears and the character who has been roaring, pacing, vigilant, as he or she has been patiently shaped into form, waiting for that moment; emerges.

The actor then is able to truly grasp their character throughout the piece, even to the point of forgetting they are acting. However, the glorious moment of the ‘emerging‘ is gone within seconds. That unique moment when there was, for the first time no separation between the actor and the role is gone nearly as soon as it arrives.

The main problem is that these priceless moments, which take the actor and their audience to a different dimension of passion and belief vanish. These moments happen normally behind the camera in the rehearsal studio, during the creation process, during improvisations, these moments are seldom captured.

So many times I've heard from my students; "We should've filmed that" or "That was brilliant...." so desperately wanting to cling to that moment, to grasp it and immortalise it while, even the memory of it from a few seconds ago, simply vanishes.

So many times I've caught myself trying to recreate "The Moment" re-direct it into existence, of course, failing miserably, as one can never give birth to something they didn't conceive. The moment cannot be recreated. The moment is a gift of magic and of art.

The Short' was born after a brainstorming session in which the question was: How can we become adept in capturing The Moment?

What if we had the opportunity to submerge ourselves in the depths and intensity of Method Acting within a learning environment, without the demands of productivity but with the discipline of drama school, while having as the main objective the production of a high-quality cinematic piece?

We then decided that each class would be a beta test, “the creation of a new short film in working progress.”

When we started recording the sessions and we created a film production environment within each class my students' performances transformed. It was quite impressive, they suddenly turned into A-List Actors. Their confidence skyrocketed and it was very notable on their performance. Their roles were suddenly larger. Their skill and ability shaper. They had new material constantly coming up.

They went to extends which I did not believe they could reach.

The mix of Intensive Method Acting Classes within a real-time short film production proved to be a Cocktail Molotov in the process of creation.

A total transformation of our roles from Teacher-Students to Director-Actor, a total transformation of their roles within the class/rehearsal space. Their roles were brighter, more colourful, full and rounded. There was a daring in their performances that sparkled right through their eyes their expressions, and words. I was thrilled because now I wasn't missing a thing, it was being captured.

This is the reason why I am excited to present

"The Short" a Method Acting Intensive Course where no moments are missed where we capture you 'In The Moment'. The entire classroom creation process is part of the production. You can add this course to your showreel.

We have created a package which combines a high-quality for-theatrical-release film production with intensive drama school discipline and Method Acting training at its core.

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