Film Marketing and Publicity 

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We market your project with a combination of activities that help to increase sales, including a mix of public relations (publicity), advertising, online marketing, social media marketing and other promotional activities. We look at two specific areas. One, identifying your audience. Who they are; why would they be interested in your project; and how to reach them? Two, we create a plan for how to make the audience aware of your project and see it or buy it.



In terms of publicity, we use a mix of the media tools, channels and methods to reach the audience. This includes reviews; print, radio or television interviews; blog mentions; Twitter mentions; Digg/Linkedin/ mentions, etc. Publicity when successfully used, its effects are long-lasting in helping to build up a reputation for the film and the filmmaker. Your HKFW publicists are your project’s advocate and a conduit to the media, an informer to journalists and bloggers who in turn make their audience aware that they may be interested in your project.

HEKATE Film Works About 

Offering film and video production services, Film Industry Events and Exclusive Events, Film Industry Education and Training and Advanced Acting Training and housing a community of Film Investors.

We are a large ever-growing film industry professionals network. We are at the forefront of powerful storytelling. Our Film Industry family is strong and it expands across the world

We connect industry professionals with clients, supporters, investors, film lovers and large audiences.