The Actor's Inspiration Journal

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What if you could feel instantly “good” at acting. Creative, Inspired, Supported and Driven every time you are on stage and from the first second?


What if you felt so confident with your talent and skill as an actor that you forgot what insecurity, doubt and fear on stage felt like?



"I used to doubt myself always, at least for the first few seconds into a scene. Now I spend a few minutes before acting getting focused and ready with The Actors' Inspiration Journal, I feel filled with energy totally confident, for me the resources in the journal help me to remind me how much I love acting, I feel inspired and creative. Never underestimate the power of a few minutes of focus before your scene"




"The 3 Minutes Warm-ups are potent!

I feel on top of the world before jumping on stage with just 3 minutes.

The combinations are perfect!"





"As Actors, we are exposed to a lot of rejection. We are in constant competition. Our livelihood is unstable. We are prone to suffer from mental health issues. If it wasn’t because we are passionate beings and love our craft we would be lost. Mindset Mastery tools specially created for actors are a must.





"I never thought that journaling could be so beneficial. I have been focusing on writing about my journey as an actor. I feel I have gained confidence and a much clear sense of Self and therefore direction"




"I loveeeee the warm-ups they are spot on! and the mantras, they uplift me as if they were magic. The mini acting lessons certainly open my appetite to want to learn in more depth about Stanislavsky’s teachings. I’m a BA in Acting and I feel I still have so much to learn"




"This is by far the best Actors' resource I have come across. I’m heading into my first feature film production and this will make a great gift for my cast"




With the Actors Inspiration Journal, you will feel like you are taking your Voice and Acting Coach, your life Coach, A source of Inspiration, Creativity and Support wherever you go.


Why is it a pdf and not an ebook?

Because a pdf can be made to be digitally editable/fillable. You are a co-creator of the works as you contribute with your journey. 


Keeping a journal is the quickest way to connecting with your soul and getting guidance from your inner self.


Volumes 1-6 


  • 100 Digital fillable Journal entry pages
  • 50 3 minutes  Acting warm-ups to keep you alert and sharp.
  • 100 Mantras for Mindset Mastery
  • 100 Acting lessons from Stanislavsky and Acting Success Tips and Advice from professionals in Industry.
  • 100 Acting and Art quotes by the greatest to give you a wider perspective.
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    Archive. Zip File with 6 Pdf Files

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