The Theory of Dr Luke Gospetell. 100 Secrets Series


100 Secrets Short Stories Series 

Powerful stories can whisper secret messages to your subconscious that will lead you on to overcoming obstacles and great achievements. Compelling stories can plant seeds in your heart, and their fruit can lead to transformation.

Moving stories have changed worlds, brought hope, spur on faith, spread love. Humanity is defined by the ability to experience, feel and grow through stories.

Heaven and angels inspired the 100 Secret Stories. The purpose of their creation is to contribute to rising human collective consciousness to higher levels of awareness.
They exist to bring you the Inspiration needed to be your most excellent self.

What's Inspiration?
Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
Living life is creative. Deciding what you desire and set about fulfilling your dreams requires creativity therefore inspiration. 
In the world of quantum physics .to be inspired" can be defined as to be in a state of positive alignment with your desires. A state of bliss that keeps you open to take inspired action. When this happens, you know you are moving in the direction of your dreams.

Not only was this series born out of great flashes of inspiration while listening to Abraham Hicks, my mentor, and from states of deep inner Self-awareness and meditation. These stories also inspire me and others to move onto greater things. These stories inspire to live life in a way that dreams and desires are being manifested continuously.
I was given these stories by deeply and consciously connecting with my inner-self and with source creation. God whispered them in dreams and visions.

100 Secrets is full of creative force, inventiveness, imagination and individuality. Sheer inspiration.
Words don't teach, but the words in these stories can awaken inspiration that will bring you awareness of the power you hold within. The energy that creates worlds resides within you.

If you only knew that! You would know that you can have it all.
However, what is to know? What is Knowledge? What's True Knowledge?
Knowledge is familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving discovering or learning. 

Plato famously defined knowledge as "Justified True Belief." 

When you know something there is no room for doubt there is no need to harbour "Wishful Faith" which can often be doubtful and weak. When they have "wishful faith" people say they are hopeful, but might not fully believe that what they are asking is coming. When you know something, you have "firm faith" "belief. 

For example, you know what your name is. That is"knowing".
Knowing that you are the master creator of your reality is the beginning of getting all you dream and imagine.
Knowledge acquisition involves complex cognitive processes: perception, communication and reasoning while knowledge is also related to your capacity of acknowledgement.

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think."
― Socrates

These stories will make you "think" and understand which will lead on to "Knowing" through inspiration.
Knowing and turning your knowledge into belief is key accessing your inner power. Ending the chatter of doubt and contrary belief is necessary. The inspiration found in these pages will help you in the journey of learning and acquiring a true justified belief.

The best way of learning is through stories.
In psychology, there are many kinds of learning. The most pervasive learning method for people is social observational learning, imitation, modelling. Our motivated and emotionally oriented behaviours are the results of our cognitive evaluations of our environment, what we perceive and we believe.

The stories in 100 Secrets aid you in connecting with your inner self to find the inspiration you need to live the life you deserve. Enjoy Secret number 1 "The Theory of Dr Luke Gospetell" and other stories.