The Ultimate Actor's Warm-Up

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The Ultimate Actor's Warm-Up Be Character Ready in 7 Minutes or less  You are about to start performing and you know you have theExact Right Balance between vocal, physical and mental preparation you have just done a perfect warm-up  The PERFECT  WARM-UP  gives you UNSHAKABLE  CONFIDENCE.Preparation is KEY To Your SUCCESS in Acting    Do you want a simple yet thorough and complete, to the point a SHORT and POWERFUL set of exercises to get you in TOP FORM to Perform? During my early acting days, I struggled to get ready to go from the start of a rehearsal or performance, always wishing I could focus right on from the very first second.  I underestimated the power of a good warm-up and even when I did warm -up before a rehearsal or an audition, my warm-ups were not focused on getting me CHARACTER READY In a neutral, open, alert and in a creative state body, mind and soul. It always took me a good few minutes to really ‘get into Character’ and feel I was thriving and at my best from the first moment on. This was always a few minutes too late  When I started Teaching Drama and Method Acting  I was determined to design the best Warm-Up for my students. I made this my main focus to help my students thrive so they would succeed and feel good.Their success was my success. ​ Now I want to share my Ultra Powerful Warm-up with you.   Be 'Character Ready' GET a Great Physical warm-up Vocal conditioning  Mental Clarity and Focus in 7 Minutes or less.  With The Ultimate Actor's Warm-Up you will Gain: 		Full body workout.			Deep relaxation.			Deep focus			Attentiveness.			A state of neutral.			Becoming a blank canvas ready for inspiration and creation.			Faster and accurate processing of information. Improving memories formation.			Enhanced creativity. 			Released Tension.			Energising your body			Stress management.			Method Acting Character prepping.	and much much more
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