An Experimental film 

by Sylvia Love Johnson


“I had a dream, the melody of life: Love”

Sylvia Love Johnson, Melissa Sanger, Rebecca lacey, Athena LeFay

Sammy Foster, Masha Warning, Ellie Bindman, Isabella Speight,

Charlotte Touboulic

A Short Film inspired by "Mystic Dream" a Novel by S.L Johnson 



 the  She  Moon Song


A writer recalls an encounter with her love interest. The feelings evoked lead her to remember a chapter in her childhood when she was casted a love spell. Meanwhile she writes a new story about the magic bond of five chosen girls, with a higher purpose. The girls will cast a spell, during a full moon night, to affect humanity’s heart while we dream.


This Experimental short film uses narrative, poetry, music, lyrics, thought and passion with creative freedom to recreate a day in Sirima’s life. Sirima is one of the characters from the Novel “Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream”, by Sylvia Love Johnson. Sirima is one of five women who feel aimless and lost in all life affairs. They share a past, a childhood, a story with a tragic end. The five have carried this burden from their childhood and have been crippled emotionally each in different ways yet for their suffering makes reference to love. The fragmented narrative style was conceived with the suggestive picture of the process of creation through creative thought passion and dreams having love as the spurring engine of all creative outlet. The writer, transforms her feelings into devotion for a higher form of love. The She Moon Song takes us through the thought pattern of a brand new story the writer creates from the starting point of five young girls meeting in the forest with a divine purpose at hand.


The She Moon Song

TRUE LOVE - Sylvia Love J Tim Bond Rebecca Lacey
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TRUE LOVE by Tim Bond and Sylvia L. Johnson Original Music from the Short Film "She Moon, Love Spell" by Sylvia Love Johnson Singers: Rebecca Lacey,Athena LeFay, Masha Warning, Isabella Speight and Sylvia Love Johnson.


The Love Spell 

 The Love Spell

“Love from above

shine here below.

Love of soul

let her be whole.

Love in spirit

be empty of all.

Love infinite

be he adored.

Let love on earth

be poured.

Let fear in her soul

flee its hold.

May the Joy of love

never be here untold”


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 Film Reviews

  • True work of fine art !! Well done ! Thanx for sharing. Matt Desimone 

  • Very cool! Keep up the great work. I would love to share with you in regards to our work, poetry.  I do prose and putting something like that background video and melody, it would be amazing brought to life. It;s very personal to me. I would love to see it come to life. ( I am a writer and we have similar interests. I can see the art, the beauty in your work. I am so happy to see that you have blossomed. Blessed Be.  Shelli Buhr

  • Suggestive and beautiful…Per Bohlin

  • “Good art work. Like it very much. Music, lyrics and picture are in one mood, one wave. The feeling of innocence flows through the whole film...”

  • “As per my message, a lovely moment of Zen to start the day. Thank you!”

  • “A wonderful moment of Zen with which to start my day- thank you, Sylvia, for this intriguing short film. All the best", John B. Gately

  • wow ! Fantastic , wonderful , splendid , I liked very much, congratulations. hugs . Greetings from Brazil .José Pompeu

  • “Very profound. Chant of spiritual unknown awaken. Beautifully made. Although Pageant like worship.”

  • “I really like this piece/peace….the metaphor and vocalisations are very nice. I love the militant cadence….like women marching to the beat of a new world. Thanks.” Amy

  • "I´m deeply impressed. This short film is magic. It lives from camera positions, the cut and the music. Made alive by the actresses. Thanks for that Sylvia. I will share this film with my friends. A really wonderful peace of film art.When I started to watch the film it impacted me in after seconds. And released me with the last word and fading music. I love the music with your lyrics. MAGIC! My vote: 11 points of 10  Martin Kwabena Schulz

  • Truly a splendid and very inspirational short film Sylvia, I am truly very impressed, keep up the great work :) xx God Bless you with my very best wishes to you for always Niell Chisel

  • I have watched you film, it is very magical. I have read you synopsis of the film so I know that my thoughts are not one in one  with your intentions. But still, I felt thrown watching the film that this woman was been put down by her friend saying she is not ready for love. I think it is a universal feeling, we have all been there and will encounter it again. and this dream she is having of these girls is there to reassure her confidence in herself and in love. I think the out come is enchanting! A true woman's work. I had this thought that I wish I had a dream like that to reassure myself, and then i realized that is exactly what you film is.. a dreamy boost of confidence to other woman in similar situations. :) there is also some very beautiful photography in the film.

      Thank you for sharing you film with me! Mizmor Watzman

  • Very divine and Kudos for creativity, but most daring was the combined thrust for love, power, and an in-depth display of spells. I liked it good job...Janet Kelly

  •  Very well done, I loved the singing and the camera angles and background shots . Very well done Sylvia, very artistic. P.S.  I love the sound of your voice...  Steve Samson

  • Congratulations! Gorgeous Sylvia Love. May the Love Spell Unite Humanity Chris Billy Bob 

  • wow Sylvia that was great. You did a amazing keep up the good work I really enjoy the film hope to see more.xo Marie Clark

  •  You really got a lot done in very little time. Nice variety of images, good editing and I liked the musical cues. Janis Jones

  • The more I view your remarkable work Sylvia, the more I love and respect you, your work is truly amazing and I am very proud of you, please keep up with your fine work as I truly like all you you do  xxxx Neil J. Chisel

  • Fantastic and a beautiful voice! Willy Sandhoefer

  • beautiful Caroline Suominen

  • Truly a splendid and very inspirational short film Sylvia, I am truly very impressed, keep up the great work  xxGod Bless you with my very best wishes to you for alwaysNeil J. Chisnall

  • Awesome... Really sensitive and emotional movie i love it Martin Digg