Sylvia Love Johnson

Sylvia Love Johnson is a Filmmaker, Writer, Actor and Producer. Drama Teacher and Method Acting Tutor Founder of HEKATE Film Works and MAT Method ActingTutor. 

She completed a BA in Acting at Middlesex University, London She studied Film Production and Creative Writing. She has worked and collaborated as a Journalist in the Film Industry and the Art and Culture Education contributing to publications such as The North Circular, Savannah and Revisit Meik. She worked in Theatre and Film as an Actor/Writer.  In roles of the likes of Desdemona, in Othello, and Sonia in Uncle Vania. Sylvia collaborated in several Independent film projects as a co-producer.  In 2007, Sylvia Founded School of Theatre in Barcelona, the dramatic arts school soon opened in Las Palmas and enjoyed great success teaching over 100 students per month and helping those students get noticed in the profession. Sylvia was contacted by casting directors from Hollywood, such a Camilla Valentin Isola who was casting the Hollywood blockbuster Wrath of Titans 2, and two of her students were selected to join the cast.  Popular Agent from Madrid recruited Sylvia’s student. Many other students got offers to join local theatre companies in tours.  

In 2010 She published her first novel ‘Mystic Dream’ the second edition of this literary work is in the works.

In 2012 she completed a Master Degree in Filmmaking at Kingston University, London. Ever since she has produced seven short films, winning the San Diego International Kids Film Festival Best Produced Kids Film Awards with her Short “Art’s Eyes’ 2013. She featured in the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival Market in 2014 with her short Film ‘She Moon Experimental” 2013. Her short film “Forgotten Paradise” 2015, featured in Palms Spring ShortFest Market and Depth of Field International Film Festival and Nairobi International Film Festival Official Selections. Sylvia is presently in pre-production with her next short film ‘METHOD’ and in development stages for ‘Montana Mischief’, the modern story of Joan of Arc, Janelle Montana,14, receives a calling beyond her age but not beyond her capacity. This project will be followed by two of her feature films in development including ‘Annika’s Shoes’ an 8-year-old Albanian girl takes us through the horrors of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. ‘Mystic Dream’, a magic parallel world awaits in our dreams for the redemption of the human soul; five ordinary women will lead us in this extraordinary journey.