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Sylvia Love Johnson is an Entrepreneur  Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Producer, Drama Teacher. Founder and Creator of HEKATE Film Works. Due to her extensive experience in the Film Industry, she has identified multiple pains and problems within the industry but most importantly how to solve them. Her solutions are tailored towards film Industry stakeholders, she has an in-depth understanding of her market, the desired product and her prospective clients and customers. 

In 2012 Sylvia completed an MA in filmmaking has made six short films since, developing skills in cinematic storytelling, cinematography and editing. Pay special focus to post-production, completion and distribution.  

Due to her business driven mindset, she has invested in training and coaching from leading entrepreneurs and has gathered vast knowledge in the fields business enterprise, sales and marketing, audience growth, customer communications and social media influencer marketing, and more. She continues to develop her skills. She has learnt to apply her knowledge to film marketing, sales  and distribution thoroughly and she is  working in the development of a one-stop holistic platform for Film Industry stakeholders that serves in supporting the British Film Industry as well as filmmakers around the world and  helps in the nourishment  of Actors and film professionals for the achievement of their goals and career success. 

While following her Career path in the Film Industry during the past 20 years, Sylvia has been active as a Journalists and Editor the fields of Education, Art and Culture and Film,  writing for print magazines such as The North Circular, Savannah, and Meik. 

From early days in her development, Sylvia took to Press, Publicity, Marketing and Communications while studying her BA Honours in Acting, Middlesex University, London. she focused her creative writing abilities and communications skills on Marketing, Press and Publicity for Theatre and Film.

Being a multi-talented individual Sylvia created an activewear fashion label  LaGuai, that will be introduced as part of the marketing branding package of her first feature film. The film will serve as the launch activity for the activewear fashion brand.

Sylvia Love Johnson is the Winner of 2 Entrepreneurship awards

She received the Kingston University New Enterprise Award in 2011 for the self-publishing and self-distribution of her first novel "Mystic Dream" an inspiring work which was very well received amongst Sylvia's followers.

She won the Barcelona Activa new enterprise award  2008 for the creation of her Drama School "School of Theatre Las Palmas" a successful drama school in Spain that got the attention of multiple professional theatre companies and casting directors resulting in the successful casting of some of her students for parts in the Hollywood Movie "Wrath of Titans" 2012

Her short films have enjoyed great success:

"Forgotten Paradise" was selected for the Official Selection in Depth of Film International Film Festival in 2015 and the official selection of the Nairobi International Film Festival in 2016.

She Moon Love Spell was selected on the Official Selection of A Film for Peace International Film Festival 2014 and was selected to feature at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Market 2014.

Palms Spring Short Film Market had Sylvia's short film Forgotten Paradise in their film catalogue in 2015  Sylvia is the "Winner of the Best Produced Kid’s Short Film Award at San Diego for her role of Producer of her  “Art’s Eyes” 2013. 

Her passion for writing, which began when she was 11 years old has lead Sylvia to write several literary works including theatre plays, Screenplays, articles and short stories and the second edition of the novel 'Mystic Dream' is in the works.

Sylvia has a slate of films including 8 Feature films which she intends to make over the next 10 years.

Sylvia is presently in pre-production with her next short film ‘ METHOD’ and in development stages of her feature film ‘Montana Mischief', the modern story of Joan of Arc, Janelle Montana,14, receives a calling beyond her age but not beyond her capacity. This project will be followed by two of her feature films in development including ‘Annika's Shoes' an 8-year-old Albanian girl takes us through the horrors of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. ‘Mystic Dream', a magic parallel world awaits in our dreams for the redemption of the human soul; five ordinary women will lead us in this extraordinary journey.