The Short

An Intensive Method Acting Course that you can add to your Showreel

 Enrol in 'The Short'  get Intensive Method Acting Training and short film acting experience. 2 in 1.

 Master Method Acting while being a part of the cast in a commercially driven for theatrical release short film. 

Be Empowered to Create your own Acting Work

Premium Course for Professional Actors. Advanced Acting Students and Very Serious Aspiring Actors Limited Places Available.

Intensive Method Acting Mastery Course.


Short film Acting Work Experience.


Real Acting Material for your Showreel.


The Empowerment, tools and the experience needed to create your own acting work. 


Deep Insider's view of how the industry Works. 


A Short Film with your name on it.


Your Film Industry Network Grows.


Intensive Method Acting Training.

Focused Character Building.

101 Screenplay Development.

One to One Actors' Direction.

Create your Own Acing Work

My team and I will work with you in creating and producing a for-theatrical-release

short film while I teach you to master your Method Acting technique.

Why The Short?

 It’s March 2010 I'm watching Adela, 

a 41-years-old new Actor whom I have fully trained, in my class. I have taught her everything she knows about acting. She is performing Ophelia and  I am speechless.

I have never seen anything like it! She is out of this world! She is crying, I’m crying everyone is crying.  And then it's finished, gone forever. I can still feel how she made me feel. 


But I so much wished I had it on camera. 


This was big considering that Othello's Ophelia was my very first role at Drama School, and I don’t want to brag but the Course Leader Jane Harrison and the Actors' Director John Wright said that they had never seen a more “Beautifully Played" and "Exquisite" Ophelia than my Ophelia. With Ophelia, I learnt to love purely, selflessly, mindless unconditionally, with sincere hopeless devotion for the first time. 

Adela’s performance came years later. This lady had never acted before she came to my classes.

I remember the feeling of disbelieve. I was astonished and speechless I really had no words.

It’s June 2010, Gregor,

16 -years-old Actor is saying he just wants work for his showreel but how can he do his Showreel without work. The Agents and Casting directors want showreels based on real work, not fake scene made for showreel footage. He is one of my students. I feel a little bit guilty somehow. I feel there is nothing I can. He knows I casting my film Mystic Dream, and holding auditing that month. He has already signed up to be auditioned. So is he hinting?

Is he asking me to cast him so he can have Showreel Material?

Surely he is welcome to audition. But I hope he knows I cannot guarantee him a role. Surely he knows I can’t take everyone! I know that too. Yet I still feel very guilty knowing the I can’t help him unless I give him the part.

It’s July 2010 I'm talking with my bestie Carolina

 ... in Playa de Las Canteras in Las Palmas,
Carolina is my yogi master, a spirit of light, angel. My childhood best friend. We are talking about what could we can do to combine our Talents in an Event. That would benefit my students and fellow actors and hers and enable them to make meaningful connections.  I start telling her a business Networking Event went to in London. As soon as I remember it I get put off the idea. I remembered how it was awkward, forced, no one really talks to each other. Everyone seemed to look at everyone else like their worse rival.


People were generally shy to shine.


Worried to really go for it and show what they are all about! That is not the kind of event I had in mind. We left the conversation there and we continue to soak in the Atlantic Ocean, eating 'pipas', drinking tropical until late hours into the night 

It was an inspiring night!

The next day  I sat down with my Drama School admins and said let'ss brainstorm for a new Advanced Acting Training Course:

It needs to have


 Intensive Method Acting Training, Showreel Footage, It needs to create deep bonds amongst the students, it needs to give the students the tools to then go off and create their own work


and we need to get it all in camera and not lose a thing! 

Yes, I said that! my team looked at me like I had three heads and they laughed for a long time. 

I laughed too. But then I stopped and said: I am serious. 


 á Voilá!


The Short Was Born! 

When we started with "The Short Projects”

We encountered some very pleasant surprises! 

1. my students Confidence Skyrocketed they went from Acting Students to A-List Actors in terms of their attitude and their discipline 

 2. Strong Bonds were built they felt what they suddenly were Working Actors. But most of all it was exhilarating for them Working on their Own Material.  They were Boss, choose their own parts and they were Brilliant!. They were paying me as their Director as I was leading them in the creation of the screenplay, facilitating the short film crew and teaching them what to do once their film was finished.


3. They were my Intensive Method Acting Course Students... 

4. While Learning how the Industry Works in terms of creating, filming and distributing a short film feeling so empowered

5. We had Captured it all in film. They were flipping Brilliant!



That was nearly 10 years ago. At the time I recognised that I needed to learn about filmmaking and to learn about film production and film distribution from a Filmmaker/Producer point of view.

So I shut down my very successful school and I set off on my Filmmaker’s journey.

Eight years and 8 short films later I have the complete package.

So Let’s do this! 

If after 7 days into the course you are not 100% satisfied you get your money back. No questions asked.

The Short is a unique, character building driven course. 

The main focus of the practice is, with the expertise of the Method, to build strong characters that surpass the life of the course and can be utilised for unlimited story development.


Course Preparation Pack

Research: Essentially You will be watching tons of short films 

Character Building Level One: You will be introduced to the Key elements of Character building and role preparation. 


Method Acting Sessions

8 modules thought in 16 days Consisting in Theory and Practice Lessons. Group games. One to One Tutoring. Improvisation. Course Work, Further Research and Resources Sheet. 


Module 1. Your Character: Who

Module 2. Your Character: Their Environment 

Module 3: Your Character: Their Inner Life

Module 4: Your Character: Unavoidable vs Suggested 

Module 5: Your Character: Inner Motivation and Inner Action 

Module 6: Your Character: Objectives,  Super objective, superconscious  

Module 7: Your Character: Score and InnerTone 

Module 8: Your Character: and... The others 


Writing Workshops


Day 1

The life of a Role

Passions Desires and Fears 

Intricate Objective 


Day 2

Character Driven Plot

Intrigue Empathy and Distress

Inviting Obsession 


Day 3

Writing Workshop 

Plot Summary 

Incorporate Subtext 

Crafting Fascinating Scenes 

Short Film Production 

This will include 2-4 full Film Production Days.

A film production team will work with the Actors and Director in the process Of producing THE SHORT which will be the result of gathering and putting off all that would be created throughout the Intensive Method Acting Course.


Class Filming

20-60% of the classes will be filmed 

Post - Production 

You will get a copy of the final edit of the film

Your film will be distributed in festivals 

You will have access to our Filmmaking community and the opportunity to works with different likeminded people in future projects. 




Course Content 

We will be working at an actor-director personalised level in which you will be able to fully explore your skills and reach your maximum potential when you give your absolute best to the course. 

If after 7 days into the course you are not 100% satisfied you get your money back. No questions asked.

Enrol in 'The Short' Intensive Method Acting Course within the short film production. Master Method Acting with this Intensive Course while acting in a commercially drive...
The Short 21 Day Intensive Method Acting

 Online Preparation Guidance Session 


 When you enrol you can book your online guidance session. During this session, we will guide you on the best way to prepare before the course so you can get most out of it. We will go through the details about your favourite roles and your main goals for your Acting Career.


Imagine a time when you are looking for work. But while you do so you are acting in a short, deepening and Mastering your Method Acting Technique, Networking and Creating astonishing material for your showreel. That is

'The  Short’

Be in the Moment 

But Most of All Capturing the Moment When you are in the Moment 


So many times I've heard from my students; "We should've filmed that" or "That was brilliant...." so desperately wanting to cling to that moment, to grasp it and immortalise it while even the memory of it from a few seconds away, simply vanishes. So many times I've caught myself trying to recreate "The Moment" re-direct it into existence, of course, failing miserably, as one can never give birth to something they didn't conceive. The moment cannot be recreated. The moment is a gift of magic and of art. ‘The Short' was born after a brainstorming session in which the question was:

How can we become adept in capturing The Moment?


Specific Course Elements 

Workshop Warm-up exercises 

You will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of highly effective relaxation and warm exercises in preparation for each session. You can use these, movement, voice and body relaxation techniques throughout your career.


Character Development 


Acting Games and Improvisations 

Story and Plot Development Workshops 

Short Film role.


Schedule and Dairy 

Day 1  Introduction and Prep Analysis

Day 1-16  Method Acting Sessions 

Days 10-13 Writing Workshops 3 hours each 

Days 17-21 Short Film Filming Schedule


Course Worksheets 

Each scheduled course day has a corresponding worksheet containing, technique theory and mastery

observations, warm-up exercise, 

summary  of  drama games and exercises, improvisations 

character building notes, story/plot writing advice high lights. 

Film Production Tips, Filming details and special notes, 

Prep Notes for the Next Session

About the Course Creator 

Sylvia Love Johnson

 Sylvia Love Johnson is a Filmmaker, Writer, Actor and Producer. Drama Teacher and Method Acting Tutor. Founder of HEKATE Film Works and She completed a BA in Acting at Middlesex University, London She studied Film Production and Creative Writing. She has worked and collaborated as a Journalist in the Film Industry and the Art and Culture Education contributing to publications such as The North Circular, Savannah and Revista Meik. She worked in Theatre and Film as an Actor/Writer.  In roles of the likes of Desdemona, in Othello, and Sonia in Uncle Vania. Sylvia collaborated in several Independent film projects as a co-producer.  In 2007, Sylvia founded award-winning academy School of Theatre in Barcelona, the Dramatic Arts School soon opened in Las Palmas and enjoyed great success, coaching over 100 students per month and helping those students get noticed in the profession. Sylvia was contacted by casting directors from Hollywood, such as the casting director Camilla Valentin Isola who was casting the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Wrath of Titans 2’ at the time, three of her students were selected to join the cast of this blockbuster. A popular Actors Agent from Madrid recruited one Sylvia’s student. Many other students got offers to join local theatre companies in tours.... read more


Efren Gonzalez

“Sylvia’s  method used to introduce us to theatre in English is addictive . Using a kind of mixture of physical exercises, yoga and theatrical expressions. Her way of directing the actors has talent and experience. You’ll learn while having fun. Thanks Sylvia”

Caroline Suominen

I have learned to understand and love some very complicated Shakespeare characters, and my confidence has increased a lot. A very dedicated teacher, who always has a smile on her face, who encourages you at the same time as she pushes you towards your own boundaries, only to discover that they can be crossed. I recommend it to everyone.”

Vicky Vanity


Sylvia has helped me improve my acting skills, including voice projection, breath control, and improvisation. Thanks to Sylvia I’ve learned to focus on the importance of characterization and escaping reality to become the character. Creando Espacio Para Crear- Theatre Course.

  • 21-day Intensive Method Acting Course.

  • An in-depth study of Stanislavsky's Method that will lead you to achieve mastery in focused character building.

  • Short Film Acting experience. 

  • Our Method Acting practice revolves around preparing, rehearsing and acting in a short film made for theatrical release.

  • Course 1: February 17th - March 31rst 2021.

  • Course 2: May 18th - June 30th 2021.

  • Once you enrol you can choose course 1, 2 o 3 depending on the dates that most suit you.

  • Location: Barrington Road, SW9. Brixton. London. and Reading, Berkshire (Some Locations)

  • 105 hours over 6 Weeks

  • Timetable: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.30am - 3.30 am + 3 Saturdays (during last 3 weeks) 10.30am-3.30pm.

  • Price: 900 GBP, February and May LIMITED places

  • Upon enrolment, you can book your one to one online course preparation guidance session. During this session, we will guide you on how to prepare for the course.

  •  Book your 1-hour Course preparation session upon enrolment.

  • Get in touch if you need further assistance mail to or tel/Whatsapp: +447447617591


When you enrol you get these bonuses 


Team Member Membership level 3 1 month 

Value at   120GBP


Screenplay 101 Course PDF version

Value  200 GBP


Festival Submissions Report

Value 159 GBP


IMDB Actor & Producer Credits 

Value  700 GBP


Shooting  Script

Value 800 GBP


Complete Pre-Production Package 

Value 1200 GBP


Film Website  Pitch Deck Photos and Resume

Value 2000 GBP


Film Post-Production

Value 3000 GBP


Film Distribution

Value 3000 GBP

Intensive Method Acting Training.

Focused Character Building.

101 Screenplay Development.

One to One Actors' Direction.

Create your own Acting Work

Education and Training Division

If after 7 days into the course you are not 100% satisfied you get your money back. No questions asked.

Advanced Acting Training

The Short gives you an insider's view of how to successfully produce a short film. You will be able to observe professional filmmakers at work and will be provided with highlight notes of the complete production process.

This course is perfect for professionals looking to be part of a short film and showcase their talent while enhancing their acting technique.

The Short is an opportunity for aspiring professionals and acting students to dive into an intensive dose of Method Acting, learning tons about successful ways into character, writing and filmmaking and becoming part of a team of creatives.

The Short explores the essential skills required to act in film and television. 

During The Short, you will submerge in Method Acting intensive classes within a short film production environment.

Take part in the story creation and development process within three writing workshops and become a part of the cast of a short film that aims at being a high-quality piece of moving images to then be distributed and exhibited via the correct channels.